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  1. I'm thinking he left the field because there was 12 seconds left in the half and it was 4th down. Little extra rest / getting checked out by the doctor's before halftime.
  2. Not official but usually when you get knocked unconscious, they don't let you back into the game.
  3. Ride the beast that got you to where you are. Any questions about benching him should be thrown out the window at this point.
  4. I'd probably roll with Jefferson. He's a target monster and is slightly more consistent than Juju.
  5. As much as I think Brees should and would do better in the fantasy world, I don't trust him enough to use him his first game back from a multiple injury absense. Taysom Hill is still going to be involved, maybe even moreso this game. I'd start Wilson solely on Brees' situation, but it's close. Thanks for mine.
  6. As much as I lie Dobbins, it's still a RBBC in Baltimore. Because of that reason, and the fact that Ty is on fire, I'd go with Hilton this week . Help with mine?
  7. Zeke and Gus the Bus! Help with mine?
  8. I'd go with Mostert. He's going to get atleast 15 touches, in my opinion. That's more than enough for him to have a decent floor. It is close though. Thanks for mine.
  9. Who's your play this week? Half PPR. Cam Akers vs NYJ or Mike Davis vs GB I forsee two worst-case scenarios NYJ is gonna piece a piece of cake for the Rams. Akers won't be needed as much and Henderson will get more work this week. GB goes up huge against Carolina, Mike Davis fades into oblivion. Thanks and WHIR.
  10. So who's the time traveller in here that started Marcus Mariota? My flux capacitor is acting up.
  11. I'm still not fully worried if the game gets out of hand either. The game against Tennessee wasn't close at all last week, and Robinson had 67 yards rushing and 4 catches, that equated to 11.5 half PPR points (default +1 pt every 10 yards rushing, +6 for a TD). While also having 60 taken away from penalties, and a TD taken away. That would have brought him up to ~23 half PPR points in game where the RB should have been non-existent. Based on history, its hard to bench him this week.
  12. Ravens allowed over 130 rushing yards against Cleveland (albeit Chubb and Hunt are deadly together). It's just a matter of Jacksonville keeping the game close, to get true RB1 numbers out of Robinson this week.
  13. Who is the bench for each category? Half PPR RBs - bench one James Robinson @ BAL Cam Akers vs NYJ Josh Jacobs vs LAC Mike Davis @ GB WRs - bench one Amari Cooper vs SF Robert Woods vs NYJ My Team QB - Kirk Cousins WR - DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Antonio Brown, Will Fuller (RIP) RB - Christian McCaffery, James Robinson, Josh Jacobs, Cam Akers, Mike Davis TE - Logan Thomas, Mike Gesicki DEF - Indy K - Jason Sanders Thanks and WHIR. Leave your links.
  14. I like Herbert over Brady - the only thing I don't like is it's a Thursday night game. Thanks for mine.
  15. Irv or Goedert, likely Irv because nobody on Philly can be trusted. Help with mine?
  16. If you're asking - Boyd or the above players, I'd stick with Boyd or Agholor. Help with mine?
  17. Jags were blown out by halftime against Tennessee, and Robinson managed to grind out 11.5 half ppr fantasy points while having 60 yards and a TD taken away from penalties (+12 = 23.5). This guy is game script proof. While I wouldn't bench James Robinson I would bench Arob.
  18. If I'd do anything - I would swap Engram in over Goedert. Dont. Trust. Philadelphia. Help with mine?
  19. Akers and a tossup between Dobbins and Hilton. They are both producing well on those offenses as of late, and either one could do very well against their opponents this week. Houston has a weak secondary, and Baltimore will be running all over Jacksonville. It's close, I'd lean to what my gut is telling me as we get closer to Sunday between those 2. Help with mine?
  20. Rodgers and LJax will end you. Face Team A.
  21. Half PPR. Since Brees went down I've basically been streaming QB week to week. Which out of the following QBs would you choose in half PPR for week 15? Derek Carr vs LAC (thursday night game) Philip Rivers vs HOU Kirk Cousins vs CHI Taysom Hill vs KC WHIR, leave your links.
  22. What's the realistic expectations from Hill vs Philly this week? Over/under 20 passing attempts? Philly isn't good against a rushing QB, will he eat them alive today?
  23. He only had one hiccup with the Jags with the pick six but ended up shredding them and produced a good fantasy outing. I'm confident in him this week, and would start him over Rivers and Stafford. Thanks for mine!
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