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  1. What round do you guys see him being drafted in next year? I’m trying to value him in my keeper league.
  2. Ingles Young Hill Len (if looking for late-season value)/Booker (if looking for current value)
  3. I mean it depends on so many factors. If you have an IR slot or if your team is good enough to make playoffs without a player for 2 months, then yeah, do it. If you're struggling right now and might not make it to playoffs with him, then no. In a 10-team league I feel like there have to be players out there who are only marginally worse than him and healthy right now, so I'd go with no, don't grab him.
  4. Hell no. Kemba > Klay and Covington >>>>> Bradley. Positions don't matter in fantasy as long as you can start your players every night.
  5. I'd do it. I never have faith in Spurs players as Pop always rests them during fantasy playoffs.
  6. I'd go with Rozier http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678665-otto-and-bradley-for-draymond-whir/
  7. RHJ > Crabbe > DeMarre > LeVert > Booker http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678665-otto-and-bradley-for-draymond-whir/
  8. I'd go with the Kemba side. You have to remember that Hayward is coming back next year and Jaylen's value is going to go back down.
  9. It would be between Crabbe, Turner, and Warren for me. I'd personally pick up Turner and then decide on the other player based on team need out of Crabbe and Warren. On the other hand, if you think you've got a great team right now and can wait on a player to develop, Chriss would be my second pickup along with Turner just because of his late-season potential.
  10. Dude, pick up Ingles NOW. He's playing out of his mind and should be owned 100%. If you think he's going to cool off significantly and don't think you can trade him to someone who's going to value his assists a bit more then I'd go with Larry Nance, but even with the assists it has to be Ingles.
  11. The guy's I'm eyeing if I were to accept the trade are DJ Augustin, Yogi Farrell, JJ Barea, Jarryd Bayless, Marco Belinelli, and Caris LeVert. The trade would also give me an extra slot that I wouldn't mind dropping when Lavine comes back as I want to maintain my flex pickup position.
  12. Veto. Even if it wasn't a mistake, one person's stupidity shouldn't ruin the competitiveness of the league for all other owners.
  13. I would stay put. RHJ is currently outperforming DeMarre and DeMarre's minutes should fall as the season goes on. The Nets are still going to be one of the worst teams in the league and theres no reason (barring injury) for them to play a veteran over a potentially key part of their future.
  14. Team 1 wins by far. I wouldn't even trade my CP3 alone for Ibaka and Brogdon, let alone with Middleton.
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