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  1. Is Giles available to pitch back to back days again? I know they were being cautious with him.
  2. Yes, he's been a different pitcher since he got rid of his sinker. He's top 20 in FIP and Sierra in the 2nd half while providing 30%+ K rate.
  3. https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/trevor-bauers-deserved-down-year/
  4. Fun fact: Sale is now too 3 is Sierra and XFip. You wouldn’t know that from reading these negative comments. Buy low before it’s too late.
  5. Any thoughts on pivetta? Seems to have reinvented himself.
  6. And a xfip and Sierra that’s well below that. Luck evens out over a season. Sales issue is hr like Verlander and almost every power pitcher. Trust the track record and skills.
  7. Sale has a top 5 Sierra and xfip. Much of his issues are luck related. He got singled to death today and squeezed by the ump. Then, he lost his cool and got tossed. German has gotten hit before as well. It’s baseball.
  8. Bulking/opener or traditional start? That will make my decision whether to start
  9. With snell down they need to reorganize the rotation. He’ll be up next week.
  10. It’s looking like he’ll pitch Friday against the Blue Jays but hasn’t been confirmed. At this point i think he pitches once a week moving forward.
  11. He was rubbing his shoulder. I think he’s hurt.
  12. He's awesome at home. Start him there and stream him on the road.
  13. I dropped him right before his run.Yu is a lesson for all of us to never drop someone with high level stuff that has a track record. He was coming back from injury and it impacted his command but it’s back.
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