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  1. HOU revenge game tonight if he plays, a rare chance to see a quintuple-double – 10% FG%, 19 pts, 11 rebs, 12 ast, 10 TO
  2. Thibs plays him 42 minutes even after NY is down 30 by halftime, reaggravates ankle injury, out until 2022
  3. Wish he would have thought about our fantasy teams and conceived in September
  4. He’ll be back in no time once they give him some more HGH
  5. Owning Kawhi has been like a pitchfork in my a**
  6. At this point I couldn't give a s---- about the FG% if I can just have the steals/blocks back. Good work tonight Joshy
  7. Everyone says sell high but I need him to balance out the effects of John "Drummond" Wall. It's one thing to be an elite FT shooter but his ability to draw fouls is ridiculous too (although tbf he's getting some soft whistles tonight). Doc please bubble wrap his a-- after the game
  8. When I read the title under the first heading, I was expecting to see some Space Jam sh*t
  9. “Should I drop Josh Richardson for DeAndre Bembry?? WHIR”
  10. Would love it if his willingness to play hard for a contract was the real issue here
  11. Picked up 3 quick fouls early in the 3rd. His line tonight was almost entirely from the first half so he did look good. Zach was bossing it though on D (because he's good) and performances like this will make it easier for the coaching staff to lean on Collins in the future. For now Nurk's job should still be safe – don't forget he signed a new 4-year deal this summer.
  12. Anyone think he'll be back by October next season?
  13. Durant Gary Harris Nance Baptist and now Draymond All in just the last week ? f---king shoot me now Could have been even worse if Myles hadn't returned
  14. Trust this bonehead to screw up the Hawks' obvious attempt to tank in this game
  15. To a smaller extent, Ersan coming to town won't help things either
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