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  1. My vote for Seager and Anderson too.
  2. There was some talk about him playing OF for Reds.
  3. His low babip doesnt mean he was lucky yesterday, he just outpitched Padres. Almost didnt throw any fb with first pitch and he kept them guessing all game what is comming next. His Ks were down but Padres got almost no good contact, bunch of late swings generating lots of IF pop-ups. I think he did fantastic job pitching, very mature.
  4. How is Burdi doing for Pirates? Has he started throwing?
  5. Matchup Oh faces top of the order(Hopkins, Santana, Franco, Altherr), Tepera was left with bottom
  6. Bad starts happen, he did most of damage to himself, but what hurts is he had great match up on paper, Dodgers cant hit lefties. Shame, but maybe another good lessen for him.
  7. Braves stats vs LHP do look like a bit of fluke, given they are so drastically better away than home, makes little sense. Still not sure what to do, maybe it's best to give him some love and trust after 3 great games and just roll him out for this one. So, starting with hope but not completely confident.
  8. So we are starting then? I have a feeling this one will be ugly.
  9. Atlanta is killing LHP so far this season. They are 1st in almost every statistic category(K%, BA, OBP, SLG...you name it) Funny thing is they are better away vs LHP than at home.
  10. @Lucchesi Nats are 27th(BA) and 26th(SLG) vs LHP
  11. Just in time for Yankees. Who would have guessed that.
  12. I read it too somewhere. I could be wrong but with criminal charges and all he could have trouble with US visa (Slava Voynov was practically deported from US for DVI). This has potential to end his carrier in MLB.
  13. Yeah, I have to agree, just wanted to point he is not suspended yet. This really sounds bad, with how fast things unraveled. With criminal court involved are there any possible future consequences regarding his work visa?
  14. True. But he is not suspended, yet, he is on administrative leave fwiw
  15. I am asking mostly becouse I am selfish bastard who wants to pick him up in yahoo ASAP But if he keeps this up for extended period they have to give him a look, dont they?
  16. Ok, when are they calling this guy up?
  17. Really shame for him(and my team), such a freak accident.
  18. There was some talk he is ill with some virus or smthing. Not sure were did I seen that.
  19. It's all good mate, discussion is healthy, let's just hope Solarte keeps hitting and forces Jays to play him regulary.
  20. Travis sucked and was demoted. Tulo is one step away from retirement. If Solarte keeps hitting he will play, PT is not questionable.
  21. If he can hold under 30% K that would be huge win.
  22. 5th sounds way more natural spot for him than batting 2nd.
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