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  1. Just my 2 cents, but he looked a lot better when Ja was running the offense and getting him open shots or at least finding him in easy chances to drive and get a good shot. Could actually have increased value when Ja is back, assists down but points and %'s up. JJJ, however, may cut into his production more and force a drop in a month or so. I'm holding for now though.
  2. I'd like to think he'll get more touches and more looks, but its scott brooks and russell westbrook we are talking about here. He could be a great streamer tmr, and a good longer term guy, but I think over the next two months theres a good chance he has large chunks of unusable games. Hope I'm wrong though!
  3. I feel compelled to mention this is his 3rd time in like the last 6 games playing Lakers, and 4th in last 6 playing any LA squad. Both of those teams have excellent defensive players (kawhi, pg, Lebron, AD) who he also might have to expend a lot of energy defending as well. Let’s give him a little leeway imo
  4. I would go with Holiday as well. Does a bit more in the non points and 3s categories, and has a more defined role with TJ Warren out. Shake is a 20mpg guy unless someone sits or is injured. Help on mine?
  5. You gave up too much volume for only one elite player. Yes steph is great, but olynyk and rudy gay are just streamers. You gave up 3 solid starters, albeit ones that have obvious flaws, for basicaly one starter. I would have looked to make sure you get a solid second piece next to steph. you are going to be hurting for points and boards, and even assists, after this trade. Help on mine?
  6. I agree with above poster, I would take Ayton in a vaccum because his big man stats are increasingly harder to find.. But SGA is a strong fit if your team needs the guard stats, and is likely due for positive regression in FG%, 3s and steals, at least slightly. Help on mine?
  7. I think if you let AG string together a few more strong games, you could get someone a little better than Herro, but i'm not opposed to it completely if it fits your team needs. Gordon hurts you in %s and is still on a minutes limit. Help on mine?
  8. 12 team league, 10 cat (normal 9 plus 3pt%). Basically punt blocks (and TOs by default). I get: Julius Randle and Tyler Herro I give: Zion and Boogie cousins Gain assists, 3pm and 3pt%, and it allows me to stop punting ft (cuz of zion). Lose in steals (i'm strong there), fg% (pretty strong there), TOs and blocks (punting these). Rebounds and points about wash unless boogie starts playing more. Thoughts? WHIR 100%
  9. I would make this trade as well, with KAT's injury not completely clear, and MIN's season likely to be over by 2/3rds of the way through, he could always get shut down again later too. Go with Lillard here imo. Help on mine?
  10. I would go for bledsoe for this week, he's playing a strong level right now. Help on mine?
  11. Agreed with above poster, 8 team league its better to keep the top player than to trade for depth. Consider adding mitch rob for blocks if you really need them. Help on mine?
  12. Wouldn't be crazy at all, and is team build dependent. Siakam is slightly more scarce of a player because of the stocks, boards and 3s combo. But sexton looks like a breakout guard that is elite in points 3s and fg% (for a guard). Not a crazy trade at all, just be aware of selling low on siakam is all. thanks for help on mine.
  13. I would embrace a punt FG% build, since your team looks to have strong potential in every cat except that one. Your team is kind of perfect for it because your blocks specialist doesn't have a high enough volume of FG to lose much value in that build (Gobert). If Boucher keeps going at a decent rate you have blocks locked down with him and gobert, you might want to look to be a bit more elite in steals and 3s. You have the makings of a great punt FG team though! Help on mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/835677-zion-trade-help-2-for-2-whir/
  14. Hey all, started the season incredibly badly and so looking to make a move to secure my build and get on the winning train. Going punt block (and sort of turnover), which means I need to shore up assists, rebounds, threes and 3pt% (i'm strong in steals and fg%). Got an offer I'm thinking about, listed below. For reference this is a 10 cat H2H (normal 9 plus 3pt %). I give: Zion and Bledsoe I get: Julius Randle and Tyler Herro Boost in 3pm and 3pt%, boost in assists, and FT%, about even in boards and points. I lose a bit in FG% and steals, and a small amount in blocks.
  15. Guys, it might be time to cut for a hot FA, if any are left. Happy to be swayed otherwise but i'm probably one bad game away from pulling the plug. The guy is an anchor to my team (and not the good kind). Need to see some stats soon or else its just not possible to keep him with win-now mentality in a shortened fantasy season.
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