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  1. Darkwa for me, Hunter Henry is back on the roller coaster of fantasy (currently on the train myself).
  2. Thanks for the help guys, I guess I got caught thinking about Bell and his nearly guaranteed injury woes to round out most his seasons, looks like I am backing away from the edge.
  3. I mean, obviously it depends on their team, but I would think RB3/WR2(maybe 3?) level. Whomever is trading away a player for Zeke, probably has a ridic bench, but is only gonna offer a bench player. Think maybe Robby Anderson, Funchess a stretch? Forte, Coleman level (yes I realize Forte is hurt, and not playing this week, but he was producing solidly for the last month). Sorta uncharted territory, trading for a suspended player likely due back for the last game of the FFB season (for most leagues)
  4. Oooofffff, tough calls here, you got great flexes. I would go JuJu (with Woods 2nd) though, best WR2 on the best team. White (insert tough to trust NE backfield comment), I cant see myself starting over those other guys.
  5. I wouldnt do it. Nuk is better then most of your current WR, and think he remains so even with Savage. THoughts here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/683077-trade-help-bell-for-antonio-with-pluses-whir/
  6. I think your team is fairly stacked even for 10.
  7. First overall in my league, 12 team .5 PPR. Trade offer: I give: Leveon Bell, Amari Cooper, and Jack Doyle I receive: Antonio, Marvin Jones, Beast Mode, and A Collins. My team is decent with RBs, stable includes: Howard, Ingram, Ivory, DMC WR's = TRASH. Amari Cooper, Sanders, Crowder, Amendola. QB: CAM TE: Engram I am basically guaranteed to get to the playoffs, with a 2 game lead right now. My question, do I sell Bell to significantly upgrade my WR corp? Going into the playoffs with my current guys isnt necessarily a lock
  8. if not now, when for Julio. I got to believe he turns it on back half the season
  9. agreed, trade Zeke with 1st or 2nd, highest bidder gets him!
  10. I'd hold PAT, bout to get cold in KC, Reid is gonna figure out the best way to win games was riding Hunt to big games, just my $0.02
  11. Drafted DJ first overall, 12 team, PPR. Grabbed Lamar Miller, Kelce, and Crowder next 3 rounds. Somehow I am 3rd overall, and 20 points behind most points. Snagged McKinnon after Cook went down, and grabbed Alf and DMC a month ago after the first (of many) Zeke suspension enforcements. Probably all crash and burn, but after starting 0-3, I am pretty happy.
  12. Teddy coming back should help McKinnon, maybe not first or second game, but in times for FFB playoffs.
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