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  1. This is for my points team in signature; Levert just got the INJ tag and I'm wondering who I should keep. I'm 3-0 right now but with Collins and possibly Ingram/Lonzo missing more time I can't afford to wait. Levert has a more defined timetable, but he hasn't been all that impressive this year. Nurkic has better upside I'd think, but there's no guarantee on when he'll get back. Haven't decided on a pick up yet, but who's worth holding on to? Leave a link and I'll help with yours, thanks!
  2. I've picked up Ingram in my league and it's been paying off, I've got both now and I'd definitely keep Ingram over Wright. He's an injury risk but I think he'll still get the usage even when Zion gets back. Thanks for your help!
  3. I'd do it, he's worth holding on to if you can make the playoffs. To be honest I think someone with a higher priority will grab him. Good luck!
  4. I'd drop Harris, maybe Delon if he keeps playing inconsistent, but Harris hasn't been much of a fantasy asset last season and so far this season. Thanks for helping on mine
  5. Bump, guess it's a little too late now but any advice or comments on both teams is appreciated.
  6. I'd stay put. You're trading 2 high level players who play most games in the season. Plus if it's 8 cat Harden's going to do great. Seems like they're trying to buy low on James, but I'd give it a few weeks at least before considering something like this. Any comments appreciated:
  7. OGs looking like the better option currently with chances of stocks. Herro just looks like a 3s and points specialist at this point, plus he'll be coming off the bench when Jimmy gets back.
  8. I'd take Rui for sure. Dannys been great but I can't picture him putting these lines up consistently. Unless you need 3s badly I'd go for it.
  9. Solid for 12 teamer. I think you could improve with more bigs or wings. Rebounds could be improved but I can see you taking 3s, points, and steals more often than not. Assists will be solid, and it could go either way for percentages.
  10. Thanks, I thought it was very close. Team is the second one in my signature
  11. I think I'd stay put for now. Coby will be a bit inconsistent, but his situation should be the same for the remainder of the season and he seems to be figuring it out. Nunn has been great and we know he's starting when Jimmy gets back, but I'm just not sure he'll get enough usage with Jimmy around. Thanks for your help
  12. Traded Luka and Aldridge for Lebron and Collins, is this an even trade? Traded my second and 4th round pick for a first and third. But currently Luka looks to be more reliable that Lebron, and Collins has the upside but Lamarcus is always solid. Values are points=1, 3 pointers=1, ORebounds=1.5, DRebounds=1, Assist=1.5, Steals=3, Blocks=3, TO=-.05, PF=-1 Also missing an elite point guard now. Thoughts? Leave a link and I'll help out, thanks
  13. In that case I would stay put. Don't think the remaining options are worth it personally.
  14. Sorry I should’ve stated the keeper restrictions. We can keep 3 players, there’s a penalty where we need to give up the pick before they were drafted to keep them. So if I do this deal my 3 keepers are Luka (picked 7th round, my 6th round pick next year), DLo (7th round pick next year) and Nurkic (correction, was picked 11th this season so 10th round pick next year). I got Beal second round and he’s been incredible, but I’m not sure I’d give up my first pick for him. Lauri was picked in the 6th round. Thanks guys for the input
  15. I’d take the deal since you have to drop someone anyway, at least you can get something back. Hield will still get his minutes
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