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  1. Our Lord Covington.. it is time. Rain down your buckets, fill our sheets with your stocks. We but ask you to do what you know best. Just without the injuries!
  2. Lord Covington is hurt. Bone Bruise Damnit. He's such a great player to have on rosters. Hopefully he recovers fully and is able to play. I don't mean as far as fantasy, etc but irl. I enjoy watching him play.
  3. That doesn't look like Niko. This player is making shots! Oh wait.. he missed one. It's Niko. In all seriousness, I'm glad to see him back and aboot. I like his game and I enjoy watching him play but the past few games when he was playing, he looked pretty bad.
  4. I'm curious as to how Niko was even able to play with this injury. He apparently had it for a while but he's a "gamer" and kept playing. In either case, hopefully it's not much longer.
  5. I'm so happy that he seems to be putting it together. He definitely looked hungrier this time around. Lets hope that it stands!
  6. Agreed it would kill his value. I can't imagine a scenario where Arizas fantasy value would stay the same or improve on the Lakers unless they trade out multiple youngsters like Hart, BI, and kcp...
  7. I would rather see Niko in the starting lineup, however, I believe he is still capable of doing great things! 😎 But I'm not being objective. I like his playstyle.
  8. He's been in a nasty shooting slump for what .. 2 weeks now? Ooph.
  9. If BI isn't hindering you too much, I would keep him. But in my case, he was destroying a delicate balance with free throw percentage (this was early on.. say week 2 - 5). I don't like the way he plays. He seems to always want to go in head first... and although I admire him trying hard. He can't hit free throws.. so what's the point in driving that hard?
  10. I can certainly attest to that. I had to drop him cause he was a negative. I tried to send out feelers as far as finding a suitable trade target, however, at the time he didn't have enough value to even warrant a trade. I would have to do a 2 for 1. Team is better without him. Watching him play made me rage even more :/
  11. In ESPN, he has SG, and SG eligibility :/ One day mayhaps!
  12. I guess this is ESPNs way of confirming that he's legit?
  13. Our Lord Covington has proven himself time and again. But he needs to fix one thing. He needs to play with his prey some more so he can maximize stocks for his followers. One day I imagine a triple double of steals, blocks, and points! Make it so Lord! 😉
  14. It also didn't help that he was facing Boban. I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the first times he's ever played against someone that is taller than he is. BUT.. on a positive note, he did get some tasty blocks..
  15. I have Ayton, Ariza, and Bridges on my team...trying to hold on as long as possible. It's very likely that I will drop one of either Ariza or Bridges. I see his upside but damn!
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