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  1. Okay? Point is, the guy averaging .66 touches/game over the last 3 weeks is unlikely to steal the show.
  2. McKinnon has 2 touches over the last 3 games.
  3. Let's be real, the quad injury is completely fabricated
  4. Great, back at practice, now both he and Ahmed are ******** dart throws
  5. I assumed he got pulled at the end because it was a blowout, didn't see anything about him getting hurt?
  6. Yeah receivers are legit running wide open
  7. Rams dst is actually going to go negative with the best matchup of the decade.
  8. He looks great out there, looks noticeably better than Gaskin in all facets besides maybe pass blocking (haven't seen enough of both to compare). I do have Gaskin as well, if he doesn't sit next week no idea how this backfield will shake out. Hopefully he sits again.
  9. Still seems like a decent start and there is a very real possibility Mostert gets hurt again mid game, but it's a little too iffy for me. Think I'm pivoting to salvon Ahmed, dude looked good the 2 weeks he filled in for Gaskin.
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