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  1. Maybe cuz he is hurt also picking him up from waiver lol.
  2. Not sure which game you were watching. Cody played better but they did nearly split the minutes. Happy with Zeller's line today.
  3. Why is he the president of the union then if he is hated that much? He was also credited with revamping the all-star game and assisting the bubble.
  4. Damn I'll hold on to what was the pick up of the year and MIP candidate. Hoping he comes back strong.
  5. Thibs gonna sign Noah to start over Mitchell you heard it here first. Maybe Taj will start over Randle too.
  6. I don't want to be that guy but given cp3's injury history, booker is primed to climb the ranks.
  7. So looks like he didn't even start the 2nd half? Is that not concerning?
  8. This guy started off well in the first half and barely played in the 2nd? Edit, don't know how to delete the person I accidentally quoted.
  9. This guy has impacted Brogdon negatively interestingly.
  10. Why wouldn't I watch. Didn't know every single player was soft like to your liking.
  11. Damn didn't know there were apologists for today's soft nba
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