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  1. nothing to do with the schedule imo at the end its pretty simple: why would you play 82 games if you can do it 50 times and still get paid the same? as long as there are no repercussions nothing will change. quite the contrary.. it's gonna be worse next year. book it.
  2. fighting the whole week to stay relevant in the block cat.. get myles for the crucial sunday.. and he can't get even 1 blocked shot. my fantasy season in a nutshell..
  3. yep.. he's on the highway and approaching drop city
  4. yeah but thats my point.. this forgettable season is gonna be the standard. i seriously doubt next year is anything different.
  5. 90% of those "absences" wouldn't take place if it were the playoffs
  6. if your playoffs go into may.. then yeah.. he will be back. but seeing him on the court in april? no ******** chance..
  7. i can top that 😅 + Allen on the IR Spot
  8. i would guess he's done for fantasy playoffs
  9. make that five times in a row.. such a pansy 😄
  10. and apparently jarret allen got hit by a bus during the lakers game.
  11. he plays with the same passion and poise as james harden in a rockets uniform this season in other words: he simply doesnt give a ****
  12. if it were just the free throws.. he generally sucks
  13. simpy said.. because they can! there is absolutely no backlash for a player being "rested". absolutely none! yes, it's forbidden to call them officialy "rest days", but its easy to switch it to "soreness". you probably wouldn't go to work either if you could get paid the same for staying at home. there are no consequences
  14. 100% yes! The Idea behind and the principles/concept of the game are great, but it's just not meant for todays league. And it get's worse and worse with each year. I can deal with covid (everybody knew about it this season) and i can deal with injuries, but the majority of the players today search for reasons NOT to play. It's not even about competition anymore. You have guys finish the game and then are out for weeks because of "soreness" or "tightness" it's just not fun anymore (at least for me). If fatansy basketball in the past was like poker.. yeah there is lu
  15. everyone not injured.. but good luck with that in todays version of nba
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