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  1. We're rolling over rosters from the conclusion of the 2019 season due to the pandemic, so there will be some wacky decision-making taking place. Suffice to say, keeping any RB1-RB3 in this league has value. I don't believe the coach speak about Edmonds, but I also don't believe that Conner is a legitimate three-down back. I also think Edmonds' dramatic increase in usage - 23-21-67 targets in his first three years - would lean towards an uptick in use in '21. I'm not expecting RB1 territory or anything, aiming for a weekly contributor in a 12-team league.
  2. For transparency, Edmonds is a likely keeper for me in '21. I have a different perspective on the Conner signing. To be honest, I'm thrilled with it. From a real-life perspective, the Cardinals were obviously going to add another running back, even if Edmonds was the "bellcow" back. It's just reality of NFL roster construction. That said, I have never expected Edmonds to be a bellcow back. My hope is that he is 1B in a tandem. If he ends up as 1A, well that's just a cherry on top. The signing of Conner would seem to reduce the likelihood the Cardinals draft a true 3-down ba
  3. For transparency, Edmonds is a potential keeper candidate for me in 2021. I think there's too much dichotomy in the discussion here - there can be a middle ground between Edmonds as a clear-cut starter or Edmonds functioning only in a secondary role with a rookie RB handling every-down carries. Not every rookie RB is immediately pro ready - see Jonathan Taylor last year. Can Edmonds serve as a 1B with a drafted back as 1A? I'm not saying that's going to happen, but it seems odd this board is discounting that scenario. Edmonds saw a significant increase in targets from '19 to '20:
  4. I've been on the fence about Shepherd. Feels like this could be a run heavy game or one that gets out of hand quick. I like Brown best for PPR, but Wilkins should be a solid bet for a TD at least.
  5. For a .5 PPR league: Gus Edwards at PIT Chase Edmonds at NE Brian Hill v. OAK Gio Bernard vs NYG Thank you for any input!
  6. With Lamar's positive COVID test, how are folks feeling about Gus? Let's presume he is the lone RB for Sunday (and the game actually happens). I own Gus and I have no clue what to think here. Volume should go up...but game flow could go south in a hurry. I'm 50/50 at the moment if I go with an alternative.
  7. For all the claims here about Justin Jackson being unreliable due to an injury history, this one is simply a freak play. Could have happened to any player, any position. Video via Matt Waldman.
  8. I'm in the same exact situation. I think we both need counseling.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a deadline for activation from IR? Edit: has to be announced by Saturday afternoon. Thanks to a previous poster for the info.
  10. I find some of the comments here to be rather amusing. Can anyone name a single WR who posted a good, if not great, fantasy season, when their team lost their perennially solid quarterback, eventually went to the third quarterback, and committed to running the ball 40 times per game? This is assuredly a long list... In all seriousness, if people don't think Juju is a superior WR, that's cool. I think it's a fair debate if he's a bona fide #1 without an AB-type player until he proves it. But maybe he doesn't have to be that type of receiver to be successful in fantasy. He stil
  11. Agreed with most here - Waller is probably due for some regression in catches, but the YAC stat should ensure that he's going to post sustainable yards. It's also reasonable to expect an uptick in touchdowns. That being said, if he's being drafted at the level of Ertz/Andrews...that's a steep cost for redraft. I could see a scenario in which Waller posts similar numbers...rookie WRs who seem to have talent and will need some respect from defenses, but may not be ready to be bona fide WR1/WR2 right away. Raiders' game flow should continue to be positive. For transparency, I'm likel
  12. Sorry about that, it's .5 PPR. Thanks for taking the time to weigh in!
  13. I don't have to select keepers until August 2020, but I have found it's helpful to understand people's perspectives about players now before the churn of the draft and the offseason. Helps me to identify my own biases and what I think might be overvaluing/undervaluing. Your input is greatly appreciated! League info: 12 teams, 17 roster spots, snake draft, my 2020 draft position = 10th. Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE Keeper info: up to 4 keepers per team. Keeper value = 1 draft round higher than the previous year. You can keep a player through their value as a
  14. I have some not-so-pleasant matchups this week! The options are: Devonta Freeman at SF Marlon Mack at NO Juju Smith-Schuster vs. BUF Dallas Goedert at WAS Free Agent Options Russell Gate (WR) at SF JJ Arcega-Whiteside (WR) at WAS Relevant starts from my opponent Julio Jones Zach Ertz I'm leaning toward Goedert. My guess is the Washington defense is heavily focused on Ertz with no other warm bodies left at WR for the Eagles, and Goedert has the opportunity for a big day. Frankly, I like his TD potential the most among that group. Appreciate anyone's insight!
  15. Building on this, there's a big difference between the fantasy perspective and the real-life football perspective. KC's signing of Carlos Hyde seemed to be designed in regard to possibly obtaining a compensatory pick (Hyde was cut so he doesn't count against a compensatory pick). Likewise, KC's lack of pursuit of a UFA running back in the free agency period. Why would they draft a running back? Because 1) every team needs depth at RB and 2) at the point of the draft, the team had zero RB under contract after 2020. This doesn't mean that Thompson is or isn't good. Whether or n
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