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  1. I'm interested to see how Cooper fares against Minnesota this week. I feel like the last couple weeks have been largely a product of game flow/the Rams playing awful teams. The Rams are soaking up huge chunks of yardage on TD plays lately (94, 67, 52) in the last two weeks. My anecdotal observation is that against the Giants and Texans, the Rams' WR are blatantly wide open, so hard to necessarily blame Kupp when Woods/Watkins are uncovered. Odds are that is not a trend. In a more even game, let's see if Goff focuses in on Kupp.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Seattle Cooper Kupp at Houston Juju Smith-Schuster at Indy I am very leery of starting Fitz against Seattle with Stanton. However, I can see both the Rams and Steelers games turning into blowouts early, and if game flow doesn't go the way of Kupp and Juju, their window to generate points may be small. What say you? Appreciate any advice!
  3. While obviously no one knows what will happen, and certainly there could simply be an RBBC, the big question becomes why Dallas would choose to offer McFadden a one-year contract with no apparent interest in playing him. Assuming the Cowboys were up-front with McFadden about his role, the corresponding question is why McFadden would choose to accept a one-year contract to essentially not play. I'm making some assumptions here, but assuming McFadden doesn't plan on retiring, and he doesn't really make a lot of sense as a practice squad stash for an entire season from a team develop
  4. One thing I like about Hollins is that while he had the reputation as being just a deep threat at UNC, the majority of his catches (5/6) have been on non-deep routes. He has been running a lot of the X routes in his limited playing time that a Jeffery-type would run. I'm particularly interested in Hollins because he seems to be a guy who fell in the draft for slightly non-football reasons: broken collarbone his senior season, had an injury at the combine, stats in college were relatively low due to his role in the spread. Agree with others - relevance if Jeffery gets
  5. Really scraping at the bottom of the barrel here! Appreciate your advice.
  6. For three years now, folks on this board have been predicting the demise of Devonta Freeman. He had only nine carries, and the Falcons only ran the ball 18 times. This is not a trend. Week 1: 12 of 21 total carries Week 2: 19 of 27 carries Week 3: 21 of 28 carries Week 4: 18 of 29 carries Yes, the Falcons will not go 16-0, and sometimes they will play in games where they go away from the run. Like every team.
  7. John Fox seems to have a vendetta against developing young players, so I wouldn't expect significant snaps this week.
  8. 12 team league, .5 PPR Debating between WR Cooper Kupp vs. SEA or WR Jaron Brown at PHI. As a note, I am starting WR Larry Fitzgerald at PHI. Why I would start Cooper: the non-Sherman receiver should get good volume. Seahawks strangely struggle on the road frequently. Cooper risks: volume could go elsewhere (Robert Woods), offense could get bogged down. Why I would start Brown: great target volume the last three games, AZ running game isn't effective, should be a relatively pass-happy affair on both sides and a high scoring
  9. 12 team league, .5 PPR Why I would start Cooper: the non-Sherman receiver should get good volume. Seahawks strangely struggle on the road frequently. Cooper risks: volume could go elsewhere (Robert Woods), offense could get bogged down Why I would start Brown: great target volume the last three games, AZ running game isn't effective, should be a relatively pass-happy affair on both sides and a high scoring game. Brown risks: I already own Larry Fitzgerald and am starting him, so I would be cannibalizing somewhat. John Brown represents a target stealing risk, but
  10. Six targets on the day, second to Britt's 10. He also played 52-of-77 snaps, equal to Britt's playing time. Results weren't there, but seems like a pretty clear hold. Would be curious to hear from anyone who viewed the game if they gleaned any insight.
  11. Going to use my waiver to attempt to pick up one of these two WRs. 12 teams, 17 roster spots, .5 PPR. 4 keepers per season, UDFA are slotted as 17th round pick for the next year. Not too concerned about that with these guys, but you never know. My current receivers are AJ Green, Larry Fitzgerald, Jeremy Maclin, Cooper Kupp. I am leaning Higgins as I have to wonder whether the Jets will stick with McCown. What say you?
  12. Gordon side. Great situation for Gordon, unknown volume for Mixon but safe to assume he can be the bellcow. Fournette stuck in a bad/unknown offense, and call me skeptical on Lynch making it through the season with high volume injury free.
  13. 12 teams, 17 roster spots, .5 ppr. I own Blount as my fourth RB (Freeman, Hyde, Anderson). Considering dropping Burkhead to own Smallwood to see how the Philly situation sorts out. What would you do? Thanks and will help in return.
  14. Two thoughts on Gentry: 1. Following the Bears in camp, there's been talk of how much Gentry helped make Josh Allen into a potential top QB draft pick next year. That may just be pure nothing-to-write-about blather, as how much Wyoming football anyone has watched seems rather low. 2. I highly doubt that John Fox, the king of stubborn thinking, will play Gentry right away. Fox has all his cherished veteran scrubs to play first. I'll be watching this situation closely though as FWIW, Trubisky seemed to have a pretty solid connection with Gentry in the pre-season games.
  15. OBJ and Evans, then. That's a powerful long-term combo. Giving up Brady is rough for the short term, but I'd love to have those two receivers forever.
  16. Despite the element of the unknown, I would lean Fournette. Personally I'm down on Gurley but I think either of those two is your best bet. For as much as the Jags invested in Fournette, and the unstable QB situation, you figure he'll get a high workload if nothing else. The Rams are such a blank slate, it's really hard to judge what they will be.
  17. Seeking some advice on my first round pick in a keeper league. 12 teams, 17 roster spots, .5 PPR, snake draft, four keepers maximum, 48 keepers have been kept across the league. My keepers: Devonta Freeman, CJ Anderson, Tyrell Williams, Hunter Henry With keepers eliminated, the first round slots approximately as follows: 1. Le'Veon Bell 2. Antonio Brown 3. Julio Jones 4. LeSean McCoy 5. AJ Green 6. Melvin Gordon 7. DeMarco Murray 8. Leonard Fournette 9. Dez Bryant 10. TY Hilton 11. Todd Gurley 12. Lama
  18. Gates finished 7th in all the NFL last year in red zone targets with 22. Henry finished 27th in the NFL with 17 red zone targets. Even with Gates finishing in the top 10 in the league, look at all the targets Henry had! We know the Chargers were forcing the ball to Gates last year to try to get him the record, and I'm sure he'll be the focus in the early going. But I'm not sure why this should impact Henry's red zone looks, since his numbers were very sustainable with Gates as high as he was last year. http://nflsavant.com/targets.php Assuming Rivers hasn
  19. Outside of Bell and DJ, I honestly can't think of a RB who is not going to lose volume when his team drastically ramps up the passing game. I don't mean to be snarky, but it seems you're pinning the blame on CJ for the Broncos tilting the balance more towards the passing side. Was that circumstance or a concerted effort by the Broncos to run less? I have a hard time believing it's the latter. Booker's percentages of the workload were: 13%, 32%, 20%, 24%, 33%, 33%, 50%, but in games 5 and 6, we're talking about 6 carries and 5 carriers for Booker. Again, yes it's 33%, but 5 and
  20. With all due respect, isn't that the point of averaging? Yes, his numbers would look a lot worse if you toss out his good games. But his two good games, and five subpar games, averaged out over 16, come to 1300/11. I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion that because 5 of his 7 games were just meh, 9 of his 9 remaining games would also be the exact same. As for volume, CJ's carries largely matched the game flow. I certainly didn't watch all the Broncos games last year, but even with suspect QB play it seems they found themselves in games with heavier passing volume required
  21. I don't think the stats bear out this claim about CJA. In his 7 games last year, CJ's carries were 20-20-14-19-11-10-16. Booker's were 3-9-4-7-6-5-17. Targets for CJ were 5-5-4-1-4-5-0; for Booker, 0-1-1-1-6-2-2. For six games, CJA was the clear lead back. In the seventh game, they essentially split carries. CJ was of course out for the season after the seventh game. CJA's stats for seven games, extrapolated to a full season, come out to 1300 total yards and 11 TDs. In my 12-team, .5 PPR league, that put him as the #11/12 RB, or low RB1 status. If you
  22. I think there's another factor with Meredith beyond his numbers with and without Jeffery. His splits are pretty stark for playing time with the (nominal) starting QB - Cutler - and when Bears' back-ups were starting. Stats with Cutler (Targets - Rec - Yards - TD) 3-2-24-0 2-1-24-0 2-1-50-1 4-4-49-0 Stats with Hoyer 5-4-28-0 12-9-130-1 15-11-113-0 Stats with Barkley 2-1-12-0* 9-2-19-0 4-3-67-0 8-6-72-1 13-9-104-0 12-9-135-0 6-4-61-0 (1 TD pass thrown) * This was the game agains
  23. Hilton was on the injury report 4 of 16 weeks, according to FOX. With questionable being the new probable, four questionables don't tell us a whole lot. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/ty-hilton-player-injuries Moncrief had a hamstring injury in the second half of the season, after recovering from the broken bone. It's the exact type of injury one could play through but be dogged by, in particular a player with speed and vertical abilities. I don't think the injury comparison with Hilton is fair, in this context. If you're worried about the hamstring recurring, I can't ar
  24. From a Bears fan's perspective here: if you place great value on offensive line play when drafting fantasy RBs, the Bears have one of the best situations available now. C Whitehair and RG Long are both Pro-Bowl caliber, and while tackles Leno, Jr. and Massie have questions in the pass game, they are adequate, if not above average, in the run game. The return of Hroniss Grasu from injury gives them starter-level depth on the bench in case of an injury. The other factor I like in Howard's favor is that the Bears' defense should be marginally better. Maybe not an actual good NFL d
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