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  1. I don't believe that Kliff quotes at all, just look at M Thomas, CMC and Ingram. All beating out their original timelines.
  2. What's the consensus on this guys ROS outlook? Is he still being considered a low end WR1?
  3. Well they signed Sanu, surely this is a very bad sign for Golladay owners. Try to jump ship if you can.
  4. That snap count is telling, a peak in tbe future of the Ravens backfield. Can't help but think they'd want to expedite the process and let Dobbins free.
  5. The fact he isn't being placed on the IR is encouraging. I'm thinking the only thing holding him back in the next weeks is the contract issues
  6. Whoever is still in contention for playoffs after losing CMC deserves a gold star.
  7. Bust candidate, Im not sure if you could swing him out via trade somehow.
  8. With the way the Lions want to run the ball, a move to the Giants wouldn't be bad. He would be a target monster
  9. This guys is Big Bens new AB, he loves guys with elite seperation and route running.
  10. This man is the golden ticket, he fits the Cardinals so well with his lass catching and elusiveness.
  11. Does anyone have a picture or video of the injury? Wierd play, makes you think of CMC who got hurt on a innocent looking play.
  12. Statement game, we know who the alphas are in this offense. Pray he stays healthy what a talent.
  13. 12 targets for Johnson, wow the Diontae truthers are big winners
  14. Man if only that defense sucked. Everyones upside gets capped.
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