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  1. I got Love and Nance. Let both those mfers play.
  2. We are all kind of guilty of this sometimes. But we gotta wait before we react lol. Dudes killing it tonight.
  3. I dont think point guards work in this Utah system.
  4. I knew the second I saw this post I should have benched him. Jinxed him.
  5. The guy took 1 shot all first half, it was tip in and he missed it. No defensive stats and the Rockets are starting PJ Tucker at Center. How is this guy not taking him in the post and dominating? Edit: Guess he took 2 shots and missed them.
  6. Yeah not looking good right now for this guy.
  7. Avoid Mavericks guards not named Luka at all costs.
  8. I just want to drop this note here so I can look back on it during next years draft. Trust your gut, dont ever bank on players being iron men and being the defacto man, especially on losing teams. I'm looking at you Brad Beal. I should have taken Kawhi. The better player, regardless of load management. Hindsight is 20/20 of course. But I'm refusing to avoid the better overall player next year just based on the fear that they may sit out games. Because you never know.
  9. The resident turd burglar in my league already had Jaxson Hayes stashed too.
  10. Saw it live. Didnt look that bad. But as soon as it happened I thought here we go again. Probably misses time.
  11. To be honest, yes this sucks. But we all know what he's capable of when he plays. I'm holding for sure. I just dont know whats up with all these back spasms. Can we get these NBA players adequate beds to sleep on or massages?
  12. Yahoo, where is the INJ tag? Lets go you lazy f's
  13. Whats up with this dudes fg%? Just horrible lately.
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