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  1. Thanks for the help in mine. I kinda hate Rondo so I'm biased on this one. I would do it yes. Bis is gonna be great until Vuc is back and I like TJ specially because of the out of position blocks. But I also agree with the above, come playoffs, Vuc is dropable and Rondo>TJ. Still there will be a lot of hot pickups by then. I also own Vuc, KAT, Ingles and RHJ Cheers
  2. Thanks for the help in mine! Is Parker Jabari? If so, it's Westbrook and Parker side for me. No brainner. Cheers
  3. Thanks 4 the help in mine Fair trade but I'm gonna go with Turner + Barton. I just think Turner is going to be the best man out of the deal and u wont find those blocks in the ww. Sooner or later Kawhi is goong to steal production from Aldridge, maybe later but it's gonna happen. barton and Murray are similar. Hood is just a kicker
  4. Thanka buddy! Donno but it's a 10 team and the poor guy owns Harden and Gobert so I guess he couldn't take the hit anymore
  5. Teague was dropped. 10 team, 9 cat drop a link
  6. No, protect your waiver order, for another time. See if he clears waivers, then pick him up. I'm fine dropping Bog for TJ yes. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690213-prince-vs-bazemore-ros-whir/
  7. I will drop Henson to pick up one of them. Who do you think will provide more value ROS? I could also drop Ingles, Rubio or RHJ for the other.
  8. Thanks 4 the help in mine. It might be a while till Batum gets back full speed, but sure, ROS Bogdanovic is the better option.
  9. Hey buddy, thanks for the help in mine I would hold Hill a while longer. I'm fine with cutting him for a hot fa but def not for one of those 2. Cheers
  10. Thanks 4 the help in mine. Right now u can't get anything of value for Chriss, if u can get DSJ fantastic. Just remember that Chriss has a higher ceiling because of the defensive stats.
  11. Thanks 4 the help in mine. ROS i would go Hardaway, Crabbe, Murray. But for now it's the other way aound.
  12. Thanks for the help in mine. Someone will give you Cousins for Lillard + Lou Williams?! Do it now! If you do it I would pick Carrol,
  13. I have to choose 2 between those. Currently own M.Chriss and Brogdon. drop a link
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