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  1. I think you both bring up valid points about the offensive live, which helps paint a more complete picture of the statistical anomaly which has been the Rams offensive line's health, and the team as a whole for that matter, over the past two seasons. Two straight seasons of starting the same five offensive linemen in every meaningful game, while also being the healthiest team overall in 2016 and 2017, is an envious stat to boast for any NFL team and one that really matters for an offense structured like the one Sean McVay is running. Add in both the contract and age factors entering the f
  2. Pettis was a solid late-season waiver addition and Dynasty stash last year, and like it was previously mentioned, ended up flashing in a big way over the second half of the season. From Weeks 10-16 (Week 11 bye and Week 16 injury included), Pettis was the WR20 in standard leagues and was on pace to be closer to WR15 when his stats are extrapolated over a full season of similar playing time and production. By the time the 2018 NFL Draft came around, Pettis was sniffing a Top 5 WR pre-draft ranking by a good amount of scouts and organizations as evidenced by the 49ers trading up to g
  3. I'm buying. He is worth ADP of early career Gronk - > WR1 level production at the TE spot Puts less stress on overall WR/FLEX/ROR production AND you have your TE spot filled with the likely TE1 at a shallow position. That is an understated advantage worth investing major draft capital in based on the scoring disparity between TEs. Worth it. You would probably still be drafting top WRs/RBs that early anyways, might as well take another elite option off the table for someone else to draft.
  4. If you bet big on Tyreek Hill as a Top 5 WR this season over the effects of Sammy Watkins, a crowded offense, and a slight unknown at QB entering the season giving Hill a boom-bust WR1/high-end WR2 outlook, you cashed in one of the best tickets this season by far. Bravo. It is an easy call to say that Tyreek Hill is set up to run it back in 2019, and likely beyond.
  5. In a dynasty league, I'd throw some lines out to see what I could get for him. Guice is on track to be able to play in 2019, but it could potentially end up be 2-3 full seasons before he gets a true hard look as an NFL running back if things don't go best-case scenario. As what was likely an early round pick in dynasty drafts last season, the potential alone for multiple seasons of little or no ROI can be tough to swallow for some owners depending on their philosophy and roster construction. For redraft purposes, he has a list of imminent hurdles to clear before warra
  6. Being dynasty, there are a lot more moving parts obviously. For instance, I was also able to trade for Devonta Freeman. But like I said, I was okay with punting on Zeke being a transcendent player in comparison to Howard in that trade.
  7. Of course. That is entirely possible. However, Morris isn't much younger. Not much more tread on the tires either. Only about 150 carries difference for their careers. Morris does have the edge when it comes to injury history though. Just based on how methodically Dallas has been with their personnel in recent years, I think they let McFadden loose after playing it safe with him until they see that he has lost it. He hasn't had a chance to fail since 2015. I think they give him that chance again with Zeke out.
  8. In my dynasty league, suspension news hit in the preseason, and prior to the appeal: - Flipped Zeke for Jordan Howard and David Njoku - Picked up Darren McFadden So covered my bases for this season and for the future. However, obviously punting on the possibility that (long term) Zeke ends up being a highly superior player than Howard thus tanking the ROI of the trade. In redraft, I would flip for another RB to replace if possible (likely dependent on record and whether you could stand losing RB value on your team) OR scoop up McFadden and hold Zeke. Yo
  9. Just for some perspective: - Run DMc in 2015, albeit behind an arguably better O-line than this year, ran for almost 1K in just 11 games as the starter and averaged almost 21 touches a game* - Prior to the 2016 draft, Darren McFadden was the starter going into last season* - Alfred Morris was brought in to provide depth behind McFadden prior to the last season, never to be the starter* * - The Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliot in the draft later that spring, rendering both McFadden and Morris as backups. So. This begs the que
  10. In theory, I can definitely back that comparison. At OSU, and under Urban Meyer, that is definitely the mold Samuel was placed in with more a RB style role. However, just like Harvin, most NFL teams will be looking to use him more as a WR than RB. Especially in Samuel's case with him being drafted by Carolina. Because they needed a slot receiver much more than a RB. Simply put, McCaffrey fits the RB mold better for Carolina's style of offense rather than Samuel who will fit in their offense as a WR than McCaffrey could. Side not: this could all end up being a wash. If
  11. Background on the Samuel pick: anyone who watched an Ohio State game last year, minus HC Urban Meyer, could tell that with how stagnant their offense became at times that Samuel was frequently underused. He is playmaker, but obviously he has to be on the field to make said plays. Also coming out of high school was a WR, and in college still a WR, and in the NFL still a WR likely to play primarily out of the slot. Why? A few picks earlier, the Bills selected Zay Jones (viewed as the best available WR in the draft at that pick) and more importantly, a slot receiver and best slot receiver in the
  12. As per the OP, I was referencing McCaffrey mostly in favor of his fantasy value and how he will be used in Carolina. Talk of his draft position, at least based on the OP's thoughts, are better suited for another thread in my opinion. I understand your comparison of how a Top 10 pick should perform statistically to warrant such a high pick in retrospect. Numbers don't lie, but they don't always tell the full story either. So the "real life" bust talk seems a bit out of place here since fantasy an real life don't always correlate. Just my thoughts. However, for fantasy purposes he co
  13. As far as his fit with The Panthers, I think it is a great fit. Their backfield this year, assuming Stewart stays healthy. should look a lot like the Williams-Stewart/Thunder & Lightning combo from a few years ago. A great combo and way to change the pace on offense to keep defenses off balance. More importantly, another reliable passing option in the offense for Cam Newton. Simply put, he brings a lot to the table and is in a great spot to produce IRL and hopefully FF as well. In PPR leagues, I would say he is definitely worth a later pick once you have your first few RBs rost
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