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  1. Samaje, he will have the higher amount of touches and the giants have a poor run defense.
  2. Ben easily, Chargers are most likely going to try to get after Dak early and often and if Tyron isn't 100% it could get ugly quick.
  3. Go with Samaje, Giants run D is weak. Should see a lot of carries.
  4. Morris, Orleans is a little banged up and if Wsh gets ahead early not sure how many touches he'll see.
  5. Ameer, has been pretty consistent over the last couple of weeks. I just don't think Doug has it in him anymore, he's only scored twice and the last time was week 6. Help with mine if you wouldn't mind.
  6. QB pick 1: (D. Prescott vs LAC) v. (M. Ryan vs TB) QB pick 1: (M. Mariota @Ind) v. (P. Rivers @Dal) v. (C. Keenum @Det) v. (T. Taylor @KC) Pick 2 RBs: S. Perine vs NYG, A. Morris vs LAC, D. Lewis vs Mia Any help is greatly appreciated, wishing you all a happy thanksgiving.
  7. Go for it. No clue what's going through minds in Buffalo.
  8. Sterling Shepard Robert Woods - (out a couple weeks) Robby Anderson
  9. If you haven't already make the trade, that's a steal. Thanks for your help & sorry it took so long to reciprocate.
  10. Tyrod, Titans offense hasn't played up to there potential at all. Meanwhile Taylor gets a new weapon and Charles Clay could be back in a few weeks.
  11. Hilton, while he has had a disappointing season should start over Ginn for you every week.
  12. Aaron Jones for both, GB will rely on him for the rest of the season.
  13. Team 1: FLX: (A. Jones vs Det) v. (A. Morris vs KC) Jones is in the better situation, however Chiefs run defense is absolutely abysmal. I know I see it every week. Team 2: RB pick 2: (D. Martin @NO) v. (A. Kamara vs TB) v. (A. Morris vs KC) v. (T. Coleman @Car) v. (C. Thompson @Sea) FLX: The remaining from above v. (A. Cooper @Mia) v. (D. Jackson @NO). Any help is greatly appreciated.
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