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  1. Surprised he had no player thread this year. Just had a great outing against the Astros and has the A's on tap next. Has his performance thus far earned him redraft relevance?
  2. If you had weak hands and dropped him you should probably quit fantasy basketball
  3. Destined to be dicked around by every coaching staff he's under, I guess... Even Bamba enters the game ahead of him, smh.
  4. Good lord, Yahoo. They've been ridiculous about implementing Pro Leagues at the last minute ever since COVID started - in all sports. I remember in 2019 they had their baseball Pro Leagues up the middle of February. Oh well. They're only hurting themselves in the end.
  5. I dropped in my 10 teamer Week 2, no ragrets
  6. I'm glad he still has a pulse, but where are the boards?
  7. What a savage. Scores his team's first 9 points with 6 quick rebounds
  8. "I have a timetable. It’s not that far, believe me. It will probably sneak up on you, but it’s something that remains to be seen," Jackson Jr. told Spears (The Undefeated). It will probably sneak up on... MLK Day? Plzzzzz JJJ
  9. Expect punk a** Nurse to play him 3 minutes in the 2nd half
  10. When you draft this guy you expect him to anchor your FG%... instead he's making an appearance on the Brick Layers' Guild.
  11. Getting real tired of the Cavs bullshit
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