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  1. I dropped in my 10 teamer Week 2, no ragrets
  2. I'm glad he still has a pulse, but where are the boards?
  3. What a savage. Scores his team's first 9 points with 6 quick rebounds
  4. "I have a timetable. It’s not that far, believe me. It will probably sneak up on you, but it’s something that remains to be seen," Jackson Jr. told Spears (The Undefeated). It will probably sneak up on... MLK Day? Plzzzzz JJJ
  5. Expect punk a** Nurse to play him 3 minutes in the 2nd half
  6. When you draft this guy you expect him to anchor your FG%... instead he's making an appearance on the Brick Layers' Guild.
  7. Getting real tired of the Cavs bullshit
  8. Yeah, don't expect any peripherals... Just back-end value. I keep thinking I'm about to drop him then another injury pops up haha
  9. No idea why pundits had Ayton, Bam, even Nurkic ranked ahead of him... I mean, Vuc's 2nd round production is what you hope for those players to achieve, and Vuc's been doing it for years.
  10. Still getting low-ball offers for him... lol. Even if I was going to sell low on him (I never planned to), that window was officially closed last game.
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