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  1. As of this morning I lost my semi by 1 block then afternoon stat correction.-1 block for my opponent and +1 for me. On to the championship.
  2. I'm about to give up fantasy bball. I lost Batum, Schroder, Giannis for a game, John Collins, gary Harris during playoffs. The unannounced resting pissed me off the most
  3. Depends on settings. Could be h2h score from regular season against that team
  4. Besides all the injuries, unannounced rests, and just terrible play I had a chance to win this week. Oladipo, Giannis, Josh Richardson, James Johnson, Carroll, RHJ couldn't get me a block. And somehow my opponent gets a block out of Kanter. oh and Steven Adams, thanks for the big fat zero in blocks this week.
  5. I've held all year. He can have these games, but this year he hasn't been known for his consistency
  6. I've never lost steals any week so far this year, but I roll out 9 players tonight with a big fat 0 steals. GJ Also, opponent rolled out 6 players and is winning every category except boards and assists. My team is bad
  7. Dude can't play well when Murray is hogging it. Grant the Nuggets don't play well when Murray is hogging in it. Can't even play well when Murray is out of the game might just be the high standards i have for him now
  8. this week has been brutal. offensively pretty damn poor.
  9. damn it. I didn't get him off the IR in time. glad to have him back nonetheless
  10. No it's actually true. Tags can go faster or slower depending on the team's official listings. Harden got his because it was a severe injury that the team listed right away. If it's a day-to-day injury 3 missed games then an injury tag is the norm if there is no update. Which is why jj just got the injury tag even though he's questionable
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