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  1. 1 hour ago, Call me Red said:

    If they want him to get up to speed with life in the majors for a the playoff run, wouldn’t calling him up sooner be more beneficial?

    I guess I am no expert but October still seems far away enough not to create a sense of urgency.  This is all just wild speculation by me anyway

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  2. Unless a trade, injury, or a losing streak creates a more imminent need I see him getting called up closer to the ASB.  The Rays have the best record in the AL, and Brujan’s positional versatility makes him a more likely candidate to get the next call IMO.  

    The Rays would be crazy not to want Franco’s bat in their lineup for the playoffs, and they’ll want him to get acclimated to the majors beforehand, so that’s why I see next month as a more likely call up time assuming everything else remains status quo.

  3. The Rays had a pretty good offense-by-committee this year that leveraged deeper COVID rosters to maximize value from heavy platooning, but with few individual standouts.

    So with a thinner roster next year after coming up short in the WS they don’t have a choice but to try to infuse more starpower in the lineup and see what they have in Franco.

    They really should give him lots of ABs to acclimate too. They know he’s got the elite hit tool, so it’s not worth it to jerk around his playing time.



  4. Interesting, 2021 will definitely have some arbitrage opportunities based on small sample size recency bias.  My inital thoughts:

    Give me Jose Altuve at a pick 109 price all day over Hiura at pick 69

    Give me Victor Robles at pick 158 all day over Kyle Tucker at pick 39

    How is James Karinchak not one of the 57 RPs on this list???

    I have no problem with Betts, Acuna and Tatis as the top 1-3 but if you’re weighting power/speed guys that heavily (which really is good strategy) then Franklie Lindor is a mega bargain at pick 15

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  5. Yeah this unwritten rule is ridiculous if it even if it is an unwritten rule.

    In other sports that have a game clock a comeback eventually becomes a statistical impossibility, at which point it is bad sportsmanship to run up the score.  Not so in baseball.

    It’s not like anyone can just hit a home run on demand either the same way someone can do a showboat dunk in the midst of a blow out basketball game.  Home runs are hard to hit! 

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  6. 6 hours ago, sleepysock said:

    Anyone think he has a chance to be the near-consensus 1-1 in redrafts next year? Let's say Trout has a Trout year, including, say, 6 or 7 SB. If Tatis hits at least .285 and knocks on the door of league leading RBI, R, and HR totals while stealing a dozen+ bases, does he leapfrog Trout (and Acuna, assuming he bounces back to have a good year)? I think I might "reach" for him at that point. Obviously the only things going against him are the way he plays (injury concerns) and Trout being such easy money in the bank (has he ever been outside the top 10-15 5x5 fantasy wise in his entire career??). But man, that sky high ceiling on Tatis. 40-40. 135 runs. 100+ RBI. It's just video game stuff that, if it happens, won't even be surprising.

    I don’t think near-consensus is possible, there is just too much evidence of young hitters experiencing growing pains after pitchers study them a bit that I don’t see how the more proven guys don’t get the edge. Doesn’t mean some people won’t say screw it I want to get my guy and take him # 1.


    I will say this, if you are currently competing to win it all this year, it would be very hard to justify trading Tatis for anyone, even Acuna, whether you are in a keeper league or not



  7. A guy with the upside to give you something in the spectrum of vintage Shin Soo Choo/Adam Eaton/Ben Zobrist production is a really good fantasy player regardless of position. Should be an easy top 10 fantasy 2B next year, especially in OBP leagues, if he locks down his job security (which won’t take much more at this rate).


  8. I assumed MLB had a plan in place where it wouldn’t have such a paralyzing effect every time a positive test comes in.

    Obviously the Marlins are a unique case, and the Phillies are being extra cautious because the played the Marlins, but why is a positive test in St Louis any different than any other case where a player is shut down after a positive test but the team moves on??

  9. 20 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Not if the mayors of those cities ever want to get re-elected.  No one anywhere wants to invite in a covid carrying gang of idiots into their community.  But if you can think of one let us know. 

    And a facility has to be basically major league quality with large enough facilities for social distancing and major league lighting standards etc thus the delay of the Jays playing at their AAA venue until August.  It is the biggest capacity wise in all of the minor leagues with major league dimensions in the field and decent facilities as well.  But the lighting needs to be upgraded thus the delay.  If the modern Buffalo facility needed upgrading I doubt any other non major league park would be acceptable.

    And why would the Marlins be looking for a new venue anyway?  They have a ball park.  You seem to be assuming that the outbreak in Miami in general is to blame for their team outbreak.  But rumors have it several players went "clubbing" during a stopover of the team in Atlanta and that breaking of protocols there was where it started and they spread it quickly to other teammates who then helped spread it etc etc.  IF protocols were followed anywhere the players should be fine.  The Miami ballpark itself is being maintained just fine.  It is entirely on the original handful of stupid, idiot players and there jerk actions in this case.

    Part of the idea behind an alternate ballpark is that Miami being a hot spot probably  factors in to other teams refusing to travel and play there.  It is hard to see the same reluctance from other teams to match up with the Marlins if suddenly they were playing a whole new squad in a whole new location.

    It is a bold idea but I don’t know what the real plan is to resume Marins games anytime soon.  It seems better than waiting out however many weeks it takes to have a quorum of Marlins players and staff safely emerge from quarantine.



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