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  1. Some people love to cherry pick from a comment and try to be funny . . . who said anything about next year? Could be multiple seasons. Getting good at hitting a baseball at the major league level is hard.
  2. Harold Reynolds did this bit on MLB network where he deconstructed Buxton's swing to show that he is taking his eyes of the ball too early and should have his head pointed lower all the way up to the point where he makes contact. Seemed plausible. This season is probably a bust but I can see Buxton being a mechanical adjustment or two away from realizing his potential. Probably needs a fresh offseason to re-boot himself mentally too.
  3. Hard to understand how he hasn't earned more than 13 ABs.
  4. Time to change his nickname to The Junior College Adjunct Instructor?
  5. BABIP clearly heading for a nose dive but he can absorb a good amount of BABIP regression and still be really good, plus his player profile seems like one that skews toward a high BABIP. If he does develop double digit power, he could become a huge fantasy stud as long as he keeps hitting close to .300, even without the walks. Sometimes these young, super athletic guys suddenly develop power in the majors despite any minor league track record for it, Lindor, Segura, and Turner all jump to mind as examples.
  6. I like the skill set. He can get on base and score runs. Simple yet elegant. Thought it was a knee jerk reaction not to give him a longer leash last season but there is even more outfield competition this year so an extended audition to prove himself as an everyday player just ain't happening unless he is traded. So, not roster-able in fantasy.
  7. Talk is cheap. If Joc isn't getting an extended, uninterrupted look as an everday player, its just blowing smoke to say he'll get more ABs versus lefties. He needs to not have his playing time jerked around for it to mean anything.
  8. Can't help but wonder if Cole's struggles, which date back to last season, are a product of his style of pitching (power pitcher) not being a match for the pitching philosophy of the Pirates (ground ball-centric and generally intense micro-managing). Pitchers have been known to have delicate psyches after all, so I can see how over-management can yield negative results sometimes.
  9. Wow I read through the narrative and started thinking that Margot has big problems and should be avoided, but then I got to the final stat line projection and thought wow that's not bad at all, kind of like Starling Marte-light.
  10. Seems like ABs will be tough to come by, no? 4th OF and the Phillies have good OF prospects that are basically major league ready . . .
  11. I continue to be bewildered that he isn't already set down for their rotation. This isn't just some high upside but raw talent, his stats at every single stop in the minors are nothing short of spectacular even with the high walk rate. Why jump to the conclusion that the leap from AAA to majors will suddenly upend the apple cart? Give him a fair chance to go out and be who he is and see what happens. And yes I know he had a couple shaky spring starts but I read that he also was under strict mandates to practice throwing the same kind of pitch over and over so he wasn't exactly playing his g
  12. I think it is a perilously slippery slope from being Yelich with less speed to being 2010-present Markakis, but that is interesting to hear that his ranking drop has more to do with real life defensive considerations than offensive upside. I could see the organization wanting to invest a large number of ABs in Winker because they think he would be a perfect pupil for Votto to pass on his wisdom to.
  13. I don't have much of an opinion on Schebler, I'm just surprised to see so many people think so much of Winker. Even with the excuse that a wrist injury sapped his power last year he still dropped off pretty much every top 100 prospect list out there. Seems like Winker profiles as nothing more than a solid role player in the best case scenario, why is he such a threat to playing time? Does Winker just have a lot of political support within the organization or something?
  14. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek but I don't see your analogy. Glasnow may give up a lot of walks but if nobody is hitting him he still ends up with the low ERA and WHIP reflected in his minor league numbers. His 1.09 career WHIP is very strong even if there are a lot of walks embedded in there, just like a a guy batting .380 with very few walks still ends up with an excellent OBP.
  15. Singling out Glasnow's BB/9 as an excuse to send him back to AAA is kind of like refusing to promote a guy batting .400 with 30+ HRs because he needs to draw more walks....
  16. I can't think of another pitching prospect with such utterly dominant minor league numbers who receives so much criticism. On paper, he sure looks like he deserves the "nothing left to prove in AAA" stamp, yet all I read about are his coaches saying he needs to work on this, needs to work on that. And then Baseball America went out and dissed him this year by dropping him in the rankings and naming Mitcher Keller the #1 Pirates pitching prospect! Why is it so fashionable to knock this guy!? Sure, he could use some refinement in certain areas, but who couldn't? Where
  17. What the? The Chi Sox enjoyed a nice string of success in the mid 2000s, won a championship, had a couple winning seasons in the early part of this decade, and are now stacked with young talent and blue chip prospects. Yeah I think plenty of other fan bases have more cause to be upset . . . It sounds like the real issue is that the Chi Sox are the red headed step child of Chicago baseball for reasons that have nothing to do with roster, wins, and championships.
  18. With Puig, it's all about the at bats. If he gets 500+, he can't help but be a productive fantasy OF2-OF4. But between his hamstrings and his relationship with management, that is a big if. However, I consider the supposed OF depth on LaD a bit overblown, most of the supposed competition are bums.
  19. How exactly did Gyorko go on that crazy home run binge in the second half last year if he hasn't made adjustments and he is still super exploitable? He clearly got figured out by league pitchers from 2014-2015, did they just write him off and forget the playbook? Seems like one of those guys who could do well in St Louis, so I'd hate write off his 30 hrs and miss out on something...
  20. P.S. He passed the eyeball test for me big time in some of the games I watched last spring. Curveball was NASTY. I remember one local network commentator/former player (forget who) saying his curveball is so impossible to even try to square up that the best strategy for a hitter is to just guess fast ball every time and hope to get lucky.
  21. Advanced metrics say that Nola's ERA and WHIP should have been much lower. So, if regression to the mean occurs in those areas, and he keeps up the surprisingly high K rate he showed last season, he vaults into the top 25 or so SPs. I am having a lot of trouble getting a clear understanding of the injury he suffered last season. I can't remember if it was being called a UCL strain or partial tear, and sometimes I'm not even sure that doctors can't find ways to use the terminology interchangeably. Even if he doesn't have a season ending injury I'm worried he'll receive copious a
  22. I think a .380 OBP is a bit optimistic, even though it's not that much higher than the .368 he put up in his major league stint last year. He's a rookie and growing pains are just way too common for young hitters. .380 was Matt Carpenter's OBP last year - a proven OBP monster - and would exceed the 2016 OBPs of guys like Carlos Santana and Joey Bats, among others, who are known for their excellent walk rate.
  23. Bell has much to prove before I see him as anything more than a serviceable fantasy player, his best numbers in the minors are nice but don't exactly scream fantasy stud. The power game really needs to break out in a way that we have yet to see. But, he's young and on an upward trajectory, so it could happen. I think Reyes and Swanson will be the 2017 NL ROY front runners by a substantial margin . . .
  24. The power and walk rate is proven, now he just needs to become more than a platoon bat, and he will be an impact fantasy hitter, especially in OBP leagues. Glad to hear he'll actually get a chance to develop versus lefties, seemed like they never gave him a fair shot in 2016 to play through it. He did slash .299/.422/.598 versus lefties in his 2014 AAA season, and in 2015 when he actually got more than 100 ABs versus lefties his .216/.295/.397 wasn't THAT disastrous, there are non-platoon players with worse splits. Corey Seager's .250/.308/.413 v. lefties as an everyday player in
  25. If he stays healthy this could be the year he cracks 70 bags or more, if those improved bb, gb and fb %s carry over. Was really cooking before he got hurt last year.
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