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  1. It seems like Dee is always a popular offseason punching bag in fantasy discussion circles, but I see no reason not to expect more of the same: 80-90 runs, 50-60 steals, and a lackluster OPS that you hope will tick up toward 2015 levels if he gets his batting average above .300, which he is capable of doing. He's kind of like early-mid 2000s Juan Pierre, but at second base, which was a valuable player even back then when HR totals were through the roof.
  2. Anytime you steal 60 bases, you have my attention. Anytime you steal 60 bases with an OPS north of .800, as contrasted with the typical empty calorie triple slashes of most SB specialists, you really have my attention. He can handle plenty of regression and still be worth an early round pick, especially with 3B/SS eligibility.
  3. I've often wondered what someone like Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera's stat line would look like in the KBO. What about early 2000s Barry Bonds? Is there a way MLB can put one or two of its elite sluggers on special detail in the KBO for a season just so we can gain a little extra perspective on what those stats really mean?
  4. So I guess no concern over Betts' knee surgery? I know it's supposed to be minor, no anticipated delays in being ready for 2017, but still has to give one pause before investing a first rounder, no? Academic point I guess since by the time real drafts roll around we'll have much more solid information on his health and performance levels.
  5. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere (Fangraphs, maybe?) that last year the umps tightened up the strike zone in a way that had a disproportionate impact on Cole because of the particular spots he likes to attack. Seems plausible. He had some nagging injuries but didn't lose any velocity and posted plenty of good starts, so maybe a healthy year with a strike zone adjustment will yield a rebound.
  6. Will regress for sure but the WHIP and the Ws with that offense behind him still offer plenty of value . . .
  7. I was thinking something like this too, it just takes some time for tall guys to develop a repeatable delivery, just accept who he is and take the good with the bad while he gets the reps to work through it. All signs point to the good outweighing the bad. It's amazing how much flack Glasnow gets as a AAA pitcher with a 1.61 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. Does Giolito get an equivalent amount of criticism for his 1.42 WHIP in AA ball?
  8. Is there any chance his walk rate is inflated a little because the Pirates tell him to go out and work on very specific things like inducing soft contact or fine tuning his change up... as opposed to letting him go out there and try to get outs however he is most comfortable doing so? Not saying it's a bad thing for organization to manage a prospect like that, but it could skew the stats.
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