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  1. I was speaking to the notion that players agreeing to a less than 162 game season could somehow be classified as a “concession”...
  2. My analysis is not based on an end game of paying the players for 50 games, it is based on time, and the calendar. Even with a July 1st start date the 185 day/162 game season would drag into 2021!
  3. I don’t understand, 162 games was never going to happen in any universe, and 114 games was a fantasy too. It is June 15th and spring training still needs to happen so 89 games is possible only if you either: 1) proclaim that the owners are lying when they say TV schedules prevent them from making the same playoff revenue from a delayed postseason, or 2) proclaim that the owners have a duty to forfeit playoff revenue for the sake of having more regular season games.
  4. I can’t credit these as concessions given that the season was suspended on account of a global pandemic and state lockdown orders prevented play. Look at the calendar, even the 89 game reduction isn’t possible.
  5. I see a lot of people comparing this to “how would you feel if your employer made you share in its losses but not profits”, but I don’t agree with the analogy. First of all I do know people who had to take salary cuts the last few months because of the economy and others who lost their jobs even from companies that are still financially healthy as a whole (just less profitable). Moreover, this isn’t just an employer having a bad year and asking the employees to share in the losses, the entire season was suspended due to a global pandemic! The owners had a contractual right to
  6. It wasn’t interest free from what I read. I get that some people have a “well why should they compromise” view toward the players, all I’m saying is I don’t see where the players offered much in the way of compromise. The owners’ offers weren’t great but at least they gave the players a chance to make more money than where this is heading....
  7. The 6/12 offer was 72 games at 80% plus a playoff pool that makes it 83%...50 x $1 = $50... 72 x $.80 = $57.6 ....72 x $.83 = $59.76 Not seeing how any of the player concessions you list really give the owners anything of value better than their existing contractual rights. The deferred salary with interest is just a loan, do the owners really not have other access to credit if they need it? Also it was 89 not 78 games that the players offered, which is a mathematical impossibility and not a number the players had a divine right to anyway, stapling the expanded playoffs to the game tota
  8. The owners did offer more total guaranteed money than what a 50 game season would yield to the players....other than expanded playoffs what did the players actually offer that represented compromise?
  9. Then why is that owners genuinely seem to want to minimize regular season games and the TV revenue that goes with it in this instance?
  10. Why exactly do the players dis-believe the owners’ claims about revenue? Do they seriously believe ownership would leave money on the table by playing fewer regular season games than time permits?
  11. What is it worth monetarily to the owners to have an expanded vs regular playoffs? Isn’t that amount of money the only leverage the players really have (besides general goodwill)? Even then the owners want them to share in the risk of a playoff cancellation. That doesn’t seem like a lot of incentive for the owners to invest more player salary money in the regular season. I know it might be morally right for them to spend more on salaries, but they didn’t get rich in the first place by flushing away money they didn’t need to.
  12. I can’t stop venting about this negotiation, it is driving me crazy. Why did they have to wait until they were on the cusp of being able to start spring training to start negotiating? Now the number of hypothetical regular season games is decreasing with every passing day! Yet they wait nearly a week between every offer and counteroffer!? I guess the owners don’t care about protracted negotiations shortening the regular season if every game played increases their losses, but the players should care!
  13. I don’t know why this negotiation has to be so complicated. Start with a baseline of a 48 game full pro-rated pay that each side technically has the right to insist on. Have a discussion about how much money per extra game is worth it to each sides for the regular season. Use playoffs, free agent draft pick, and all the other stuff to try to bridge the gap. It shouldn’t be taking this long to hash out! As far as the health stuff goes, if the players are truly worried about safety then don’t agree to a season, but I don’t think they can realistically hope to reserve the right to sue
  14. If the sliding scale is deleted from the new offer it sounds basically the same as 50 games at full prorated pay but with a little extra sugar on top Still don’t understand why so much time has to pass between these offers and counteroffers....
  15. It is the MLBPA’s turn to counter offer right? Owners said okay you can have full prorated pay at a grossly reduced schedule, what is their counter? Why is this moving so slow? Nobody is fooling anyone with posturing, just take it to a mediation!
  16. So the owners are going to lose billions no matter what happens this season under any scenario, right? Is there any force beyond fan retention that would incentivize them to give up the billions that the players are asking for? If this season is cancelled, they can just reopen next season and hold players to their contracts and treat it as business as usual assuming stadiums are open, albeit with an expiring collective bargaining agreement, right? Why wouldn’t they just shutter up, cut as many losses as possible, and figure the fans will be back next year?
  17. On the flip side of the coin it will be a massive boon for the sport if they make it happen and get on the airwaves, TV audiences are hungry for fresh content, could attract a lot more fans
  18. The current public response is 100% logical. Effective flattening the curve strategy requires extreme measure BEFORE the virus infects the many millions it is capable of very quickly spreading to. I am still hoping we get a partial baseball season in some form or another.
  19. Now that the enthusiasm of his September ‘19 performance has worn off I might be looking to try to grab him dirt cheap, knowing I’ll have to bench him to start the season and hope he forces his way into the lineup. I still like the skill set, positional versatility, and lack of premium talent standing in his way. Easy enough to cut him if it doesn’t work out
  20. If memory serves he was a 1st round draft pick and then had a really bad knee injury, possibly of the “will never be the same again” variety. So it seems like the talent is there but staying on the field for a whole season is a question mark
  21. Batting leadoff = maximum at bats Bring it on!
  22. No love for Luis Arraez? I’d take him over most of those Tier 5ers
  23. Nice list! I’d probably have Bryant and Meadows swap tiers, seems like Meadows still has things to prove like 2 of the other Tier 4 guys he’d be joining, K Marte and Jimenez
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