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  1. I watched that 4 walk inning and saw him hit 95 and 96 mph, I thought he was a soft tosser who relied on control and pitch mix? Seems like the ingredients are all there, just need to coalesce...
  2. Well they do say not to take PCL hitting stats seriously ...
  3. Due for some BABIP regression, but his triple slash can absorb it and he’ll still be a stud
  4. Is there any reason not to test his bat in AA? Forget his age, he clearly is not being challenged, and it is not like it would hurt the Rays’ years of contract control. If it turned out AA isn’t a challenge either and suddenly the Rays feel pressure to fast track him for a 2020 debut, so what? Their competitive window is right now, this would be a good thing.
  5. There have been sooo many of these toolsey guys over the years who never learn to hit, at this point it is like a lottery ticket. Maybe these guys never got burned by holding onto Anthony Alford for years like I did. Madrigal seems to be a polarizing figure on fantasy lists, but ranking him in the 80s is aggressive. Speedy middle infielders have fantasy value even without power, and Madrigal’s .311 avg, 2.4 K% (!!), 8.2 BB% points to a very advanced hitting ability, one of a kind really. Leaving aside all the raw tools guys they put ahead of Madrigal, what is the devil’s advocate fo
  6. Way too low on Nick Madrigal, they have numerous batters ahead of him who literally haven’t even figured out how to hit yet (Jordyn Adams, I’m looking in your direction)
  7. Seems like George Valera is getting more love here but Kristian Robinson is living up to the hype so far as a power/speed threat. The K rate is high, but what do you expect, and he still hits for average and walks plenty.
  8. I agree that these empty calorie stolen base prospects with no power can be dangerous to bet on and have high bust potential, but I think it is reasonable for fantasy owners to speculate on getting another Dee Gordon, who has had some excellent fantasy seasons with an ISO that is always well below .100, including his post PED 2017 where he delivered 114 runs and 60 steals with a .067 ISO. Since these are young players who are still developing, maybe they can even hope for a harder hitting profile than Dee Gordon, say something like 2012-2014 Altuve before he added home runs to the mix and bec
  9. I can think of hitters who had strong post-PED suspension years but no pitchers jump to mind, so even in keeper leaves he is looking risky I think, hard to justify burning that roster spot not knowing what his velo and stamina will look like when he comes back....
  10. I am fascinated by the 2.7% K rate he is sporting.
  11. Second coming of vintage Chris or Khris Davis, either one really
  12. So upside is something like a Vlad, Jr. triple slash plus shortstop eligibility and steals? I mean obviously still much to prove at higher levels but just being able to say that is a plausible outcome with a straight face is pretty insane.
  13. Love the talent, hate the situation. Wake me up when Colorado decides to move on from Ian Desmond.
  14. I was practically begging the forum to talk me into taking a flier on this guy in my 2 preseason posts above, after noone talked about him since May of 2018... crickets... took the silence to mean there was in fact “nothing to see here”...shame on me. (Not that he is guaranteed to be a star or anything but sometimes it is nice to have some guys in the rookie portfolio who aren’t as highly touted as the toolsey teen types but have a solid foundation and clear path to playing time in the near term.)
  15. Yeah it is all league format dependent but I too have a shallow bench roster, more pressing needs than SP depth, and I like my chances of being able to troll the waiver wire for equivalent SP value down the road if the need arises. He was a lottery ticket to begin with.
  16. I need to see a little more. Wasn’t Brinson literally the worst offensive player in baseball last year? I think I read that somewhere
  17. I dropped him for a speculative saves add. It’s early so he could still be a good player, but there are generally decent mid-grade starters available on the waiver wire in my league throughout the season, and I just don’t seem him separating THAT far from the pack in the best case scenario. His strong ST gave me hope that most of his relief numbers from 2018 would carry over to the starter role and he’d become a keeper gem but that dream is dead.
  18. He crushes lefties and there are a good number of lefty SPs in the NL West so he really should be starting for those at minimum...Reyes’ superior spring training cut into his ABs so far but I think the playing field is leveled out now
  19. Crazier things have happened than Franco throwing together a 30/90 season. I doubt walks will ever be a big part of his game but even some modest improvement could go a long way toward soldifying the rest of the package...
  20. Actually Joc was respectable against lefties in the 2nd half last year and also in his 30/30 AAA season from 2014, and he’s never really been given much of a chance to play through it in the majors. I could see him getting a career high in ABs this year and finally getting those R and RBI totals to where you can regulary use him in weekly formats.
  21. I don’t know why the idea that the Rockies will find at least 400 ABs for Hampson via platoon and multi-position super utility work alone - with a chance for more if injury dictates it -is so controversial. He is an exciting young player who had an awesome spring. They’d send him to AAA rather than let him rot on the bench if it came down to it.
  22. I was more worried about Hampson getting sent down. Since he wasn’t, he should get a chance to showcase his ability and, if he delivers, make it very hard to keep him out of the lineup. If he becomes a Ben Zobrist type of multi position guy that only helps his fantasy value. He looks like their best fit for the leadoff spot
  23. Is there any risk Hampson starts the year in AAA? Not likely, but not impossible, right?
  24. Followed up a nice AFL with a nice spring and now headed to AAA. Anything to see here? Former 1st round pick ...
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