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  1. If he develops even 15 HR power could be a stud. I believe he could become a .300/.400 ba/obp guy, but the power or lack therof has always been the question since he obviously isn’t a base stealer.
  2. Well 6k/0bb from Glasnow in 3 IP is a step in the right direction for him..,
  3. My sense is that the only reason ANY teams are even considering Jake right now (Phi, Mil, Was) is because they think the asking price is (or should be) dropping to something more realstic. I just have no idea what kind of terms they are offering.
  4. I am really curious what kind of contract terms are being bandied about in the Jake Arrieta negotiations. I can’t find any hint of what is being offered and counteroffered other than a quote from Boras that Arrieta deserves more than what Darvish got (which obviously ain’t happening)
  5. I like what Jedd’s done with his plate adjustments and disclipline but man do his counting stats always seem to stink. Is there a worse hr/rbi ratio in baseball? With some regression to the mean there and his first 70+ rbi season there could be some value if he regains middle infield eligibility
  6. I think Byron Buxton 2.0 would be a better comparison for the cautionary message, but even then:1) Buxton is now being ranked as a borderline top 20 fantasy OFer, and 2) Acuna’s development curve is WAY ahead of what Buxton was doing when he was the #1 prospect as a 20 yr old
  7. I’m still buying this guy. It’s not like he has bad splits vs righties, the Dodgers must be more worried about Grandal vs lefties. If Barnes hits they’ll fund ABs for him, he can play other positions too.
  8. I like what the Padres are doing, the offense is coming together, it would be really fun if they decide to be ultra aggresive in promoting Tatis and Urias. Starting pitching is a problem but they have some prospects and at least one if them has to turn into something....
  9. I don’t think the BP list is that bad, after the top handful of blue chippers it is a real scrum of subjectivity so I like to see some lists go out on a limb with young guys that they see potential in. Doesn’t take much for a consensus top 10-20 guy to plunge to the lower end or even off the list entirely the following year. Interesting that they are sticking with Reyes as the top pitcher instead of going with the flashy new up and comer (Whitley) like the rest of the industry.
  10. Ha, Boras is doing damage control on JD’s “fed up with Boston” rumor and basically saying it is untrue. Good for him to have the sense to realize that a client turning into that prima donna who perpetually feels disrespected by management is not a good look for a player who doesn’t even belong to the team yet. Why fork over $120 million to someone who will just be disgruntled and resentful? Hope he told JD to shut up and let him do his job at getting max possible cash return.
  11. I’ve heard of professional athletes getting “fed up” with the team they already play for when negotiations over an extension or contract redo go bad, but this is a first. JD doesn’t even play for Boston yet and he is already acting like the organization owes him something!!! Unreal. I think it is time for both sides to walk away.
  12. Why is free agency even considered the fault line for a battle over profit sharing? Since when does free agency represent a duty to overpay even for players who are 2nd or 3rd tier stars? I always thought there was an element of risk in not accepting a pre free agency extension. What am I missing here? If profit sharing is the real issue why can’t profits be paid into a fund that the players equitably distribute amongst themselves?
  13. This latest agent rant strikes me as a bit whiney ... http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22300069/agent-says-fight-brewing-slow-mlb-free-agent-market Boras’ recent remarks, by contrast, made a valid point about the inherent problem with so many teams not trying to be competitive this year. But this guy acts like every single year every free agent has a divine right to huge contracts based on what prior free agent classes received, regardless of what teams actually think of these particular free agents. It’s not like all of these guys had to be free agents, every time w
  14. I can’t seriously say I researched this enough to characterize it as a pervasive point of view, but stumbled across these (which I really only skimmed): https://thatballsouttahere.com/2018/01/15/aaron-altherr-john-mayberry-2-0/ http://www.sportstalkphilly.com/2018/01/philadelphia-phillies-news-odubel-herrera-cesar-hernandez-carlos-santana.html Surprised it is even considered a close question though as to who wins out between AA and Williams given how much refinement Willisms needs in his plate approach, also seems like Franco should be on the playing time bu
  15. He’s one of my “power/speed upside but bad hamstrings all stars” along with Puig and Gregory Polanco In all serious though, as much as I am a sucker for these guys who show immediate improvement after retooling their swing, plate appearances is a serious concern. Googling local Philly sports news the local media seems to have written him off as the 4th OF. One publication even compares him to John Mayberry, which is kind of harsh considering Altherr was their best hitter last year prior to Hoskins callup. Altherr was even more firmly cemented as 4th OF at t
  16. Well only 2 years where the offensive stats really jump off the page (15 and 17, which I suspect prop up that 5 year avg), I guess a 3rd year that was pretty solid too in 14 if you ignore counting stats which I assume fwar deemphasizes, plus a great a playoff performance that year. Great defense too when on the field. I’m not trying to bash Lo Cain though, he’s a fine player, just saying this contract doesn’t exactly look like the coup for team management/cost control that some have been hoping for...,
  17. Hmmm, Cain getting 5/80 isn’t that bad but it doesn’t exactly reflect the buyers gaining the upperhand in the FA market after all this time they spent digging in. I mean that is a soon to be 32 year old who has really only had 2 good seasons and has trouble staying on the field. I suppose it represents progress if one looks to, say, the Sandoval 5/95 contract a few years ago, but still hard to make the case for collusion with Cain getting that kind of payday.
  18. So I guess it was hyperbole when SI dubbed Hunter Greene the Lebron James of baseball?
  19. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, free agency is a marketplace, marketplaces are cyclical, buyers adjust. Let’s see how the money flows next season before we assume the sky is falling. Conceptually paying players more during younger years sound great but there will always be a market pressure for teams to be cost efficient and avoid long term deals. How many players young or old even put together a sustained stretch of 6-8 years of excellence anyway? Most need to use the majority of their 20s to establish their max value, and plenty fizzle out altogether. Maj
  20. So re: that mystery player who said he might sit out half the season until a motivated contender ponies up for what he feels he is really worth.... I am struggling to see the logic there. Is mid-season motivated buyer team going to pay for the half a missed season? If not, that’s 10-12 million down the toilet. Isn’t mystery player worried about new short-term rental trade opportunities looking more palatable to the team who is playing for a 2018 championship? If mystery player is victim to having only 1 serious suitor right now who doesn’t want to bid against itself, isn’t that sa
  21. Pretty spot on analysis in Baseball Prospectus today about why it is reasonable to be frustrated by the Cole trade, excerpt cut and pasted below (cliffnotes in case cutting and pasting from 3rd party subscription based content needs to be removed: the Pirates were not in a position where they *needed* to trade, but by painting themselves into a corner with a must-sell approach their "quantity over quality" yield is not a surprising outcome, and they probably could have done better by waiting until mid-season when demand rises on account of teams identifying themselves as contenders who need ex
  22. Watching such a well-conceived Pirates team dismantle for other teams’ spare parts is almost as depressing as it was to watch their early 90s roster crumble. I guess teams are stingy with their primo prospects. White Sox fans should feel lucky that the marketplace didn’t stubbornly dig in against them too.
  23. Tough crowd...I think there is some unfair cherry-picking in some of these rebuttals and too much trying to be too cute (fantasy and real life are different, really? Wow!)... the bust potential of the guys the Pirates picked up is also being short shrifted as is the shrewdness of the Astros front office (can’t help but be reminded of the Ken Giles trade and how so many people thought the Phillies got such an impressive haul at the time) Noone has a crystal ball I guess but I personally like to err on the side of the proven stud rather than stockpiling young guys (not even going to
  24. It just looks like one of those bad fantasy trade offers of multiple guys who are barely better than waiver wire fodder for 1 stud. If the Pirates really truly saw something in one or more of those guys, one has to believe they could have put together a more modest trade package that didn’t involve Cole. Even if they couldn’t get those guys specifically without giving up Cole, is it really that hard to cobble together a comparable set of acquisitions via low level trading and free agent bargain hunting?
  25. I seem to be the only one who is offended that the Stros got 2 years of cost controlled Cole for NOTHING. Cole is a big, inning eating, hard throwing, workhorse who has flashed all star (and fringe Cy Young) upside and is still well in his prime. Huge steal, especially when we see what teams wind up paying to land Darvish and Arrieta. I’ve seen teams pay more trade value for a shorter term rental of a worse pitcher. If that is the best the market had to offer I don’t know why the Pirates didn’t just commit to going all in to win. They still have their core from a very succes
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