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  1. Tommy Pham for me, he’s always going to go at least at some discount to his 2017 performance, and I am enough of a believer to discount it less than everyone else in my leagues....
  2. If the Phillies don’t make another move virtually all their hitters are going to lose draft day fantasy value due to the roster crunch, it’s always riskier betting on a young player who has to compete for ABs...
  3. I hate trying to catch a falling knife, and his ceiling (roughly a repeat of ‘16?) isn’t as scarce a commodity as it used to be, so he would reallllyyy need to slip before I took a shot. First base is deep too, so there are a lot of other needs I’ll be loading up on before I would feel like I couldn’t live with the next best available 1st baseman
  4. Am I hallucinating or did he really score 75 runs in just 376 ABs last season? Anything to see here? Worth monitoring in Spring for signs of an everyday role?
  5. I am assuming Lucroy will be available well into the teens of a redraft league with a lot of people drafting bench spots before him.. I mean, objectively speaking is he really going to be perceived as that much more attractive right now than guys like McCann, Gattis, Molina, Castillo, Ramos, Weiters? Those are just the uninspiring veteran names I came up with off the top of my head, there are at least a half dozen other catchers who are beyond debate looking more appealing than Lucroy on draft day
  6. Where exactly is Kingery’s path to playing time? Hernandez and JP look like the middle infield future, and the OF is clearly too deep to convert him there..
  7. The catching position is such a wasteland that I’d be thrilled to buy low on Lucroy and roll the dice on a bounceback year, especially in 2 catcher leagues. Worst case scenario, he’ll be “serviceable”, which is the draft position price I’d be looking to pay anyway. If he completely flames out, it won’t be the first time I had to comb the waiver wire for a serviceable catching option...
  8. Someone on the Pirates roster will step up and break through with a top 10 SP season, it is overdue to happen . .. .
  9. I really thought he was in for a big year in OBP leagues, boy was I wrong. I still don't understand why he hasn't even gotten a fair chance to improve versus lefties by playing everyday given that he demonstrated an ability to hit lefties in his 2014 minor league campaign. At this point I am worried that his ceiling is Lucas Duda with OF eligibility and 2-5 steals per year.
  10. The fact that his numbers keep getting better every time they bump him up a level is the real attention grabber. For that reason, this blows away what Buxton was doing in his pretty remarkable-in-its-own-right age 19 season, so I am not sure I can point to Buxton anymore as an example of why expectations should be reeled in....
  11. Sitting 84 MPH??? Wow. That is living dangerously, no matter how good the off speed stuff is.
  12. Well, yeah, my whole point was if guys like Dahl and Tapia out perform guys like Cargo, Desmond, Reynolds, Parra and give them the best chance to win enough games to make the playoffs, why wouldn't they continue to see regular outbats?
  13. The Rockies are contending for the wildcard so I assume veteran loyalty goes out the window and whoever hits, plays. They'll give Dahl a chance to show them he can pick up where he left off last season just as I am sure they will give Tapia regular ABs if he keeps doing what he is doing. Why is it any more complicated than that?
  14. Impossible to say whether he will be another Mookie Betts or another Byron Buxton when he reaches the majors . . .
  15. Still atrocious versus lefties, in fact, worse than ever
  16. I wasn't expecting a 2016 repeat but man alive I was not expecting this big a drop off either!
  17. Good analysis. I always thought he paired well with power oriented middle infielders too.
  18. Number one roto player for the month of May. Better than Trout, Goldy, Mookie, Kershaw, Sale, and anyone else . . .
  19. Pretty solid outing today against a tough Nationals lineup. Not worth a roster spot but definitely worth monitoring. He is eventually going to have a day where he is feeling it and rattles off a dominating 12K performance, with more to come once his confidence is up. Don't see him getting demoted either with lower ceiling guys like Kuhl and Williams also struggling mightily, so he'll get the reps.
  20. All it takes a scorching hot multi week stretch and he's right back to where he should be. It happens all the time (J Up last year, for example), and YTD stats are the only ones we remember. I believe he can find that gear.
  21. Not too worried about the BABIP, his .364/.417/.667 triple slash can handle plenty of regression with him still emerging as a nice OF3 or so fantasy option. It is still up in the air what to expect since nobody can control what the manager does to playing time, but as an everyday player I think he could produce his 2015 line extrapolated out over a full season with possibly a better batting average thanks to his shortened swing. I've been tracking the situation, and it seems like he is fighting to stay in the lineup, he just keeps on doing something every single game he
  22. He's still another year away from arbitration, so this isn't a deliberate value suppressing lineup decision that a rebuilding team might angle toward, right?
  23. I thought Bautista was super intense about sticking to a career prolonging diet and exercise regime similar to the one Tom Brady follows (with obvious successful results in Brady's case)? So, he is not one of those big out of shape sluggers who we've seen experience a very sharp and sudden decline. I can not fathom that he won't rebound to the point where he is at least worthy of any active fantasy roster spot. April stats are always wacky. Wait until later in the year when batters get their routine down, pitchers' arms get tired, and rising humidity indices carry the ball furt
  24. Whoa, who is this guy? Carter Cappsian numbers . . .
  25. I am indeed predicting that he will need a lengthier amount of time than the current season to develop into an impact MLB player that is even remotely proportionate to his prospect hype. You read correctly, and there is plenty of precedent for top hitting prospects needing many years to adjust to major league pitching. I did not predict that he is one off season away from becoming that player. You did not read correctly if that was your takeaway.
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