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  1. There will be up and down games with wiseman because he’s still learning himself and how to succeed in the NBA. His ridiculous potential is obvious but owners have to keep in mind he has literally played 6 (3 ncaa games & 3 nba games) official basketball games since being in high school.... freaking high school. imagine that from his perspective. So with that said he’s still learning how to utilize his skill set against much more talented players. He’s also trapped in Steve kerrs wonky offense that is looking like complete trash right now and being led by 2 undercover tank comm
  2. This may be a silly question but is this the highest single scoring game of the season? Has to be right?
  3. Ok boys.... time to change the debate. the kid is real... when is clown kerr going to stop letting all these stooges (not steph) get more touches and shots than JW. The warriors roster is pathetic besides steph and James. He should be getting atleast 14 FGA per game.
  4. “But he only could score in a blow out” 🤣 kid is clearly the warriors 2nd best player. Kerr needs to toying with the rotations and just feed the beast.
  5. I wasn’t saying anything about “crunch time” ben Simmons jump shot sucks at any section of the game joel embiid jump shot is solid at any section of the game steph curry jump shot is amazing at any section of the game what’s so hard to follow about this concept? if wisemans jumper is looking mechanically sound and showing a soft touch during a blow out. I highly doubt that his form/touch will suddenly look awful during the first quarter of it the score was 62-62. where do you even bring up practice or crunch time? The bad takes keep
  6. Where do us harden owners want him to get traded to? Philly is ideal for me I think. What say you?
  7. This is also a poor take.... Let’s compare a guy who proved he could shoot in the middle of a game to a guy practicing.... great comparison....
  8. I think this is a poor take.... the time of the game doesn’t really matter for a jump shot. if the 76ers are down 50 to the nets Ben Simmons isn’t going to start raining 3’s. A jump shoot is a fundamental that translates at all times of the game. Close game or blow out. wiseman proved that his jumpshot is “solid” at a minimum which is great for him considering his team doesn’t really have any sure fire scorers outside of steph (Wiggins is mega inconsistent) which bodes well for us wiseman owners.
  9. The made jumpers gives me Chris bosh’ish hope.
  10. You know a guy is legit when people are disappointed with this kind of output
  11. Happy with TGs production so far. Hope it sustains all season
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