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  1. Harper, Canning and pick#41 FYPD for Grisham, Gallen and #3 pick FYPD
  2. Harper and Torres are on different ends of the deal
  3. The deal is Harper for Gleyber Torres, Grayson Rodriguez and Daniel Lynch
  4. If his arm doesn't fall off while I'm writing this what do we think of him as a prospect moving forward? Will he start? Will be be a RP? Is the upside high enough to take a shot at him in a Dynasty league?
  5. Lamet and Brian Anderson for M. Chapman and the #2 pick in the FYPD?
  6. I think it's pretty much a push. Maybe the edge to Springer because of his age and now moving to a better hitters park.
  7. I was able to trade Myers for Witt Jr and Josiah Gray. Now everyone's focus seems to be on Lamet. My minors is obviously stock with OF talent. If 3 or 4 of them hit I'll be in great shape. Also, SS with Luciano and Witt Jr seems set. My thinking is now I have to find the young 1B and 3B guys. I almost had a deal done Lamet for Casas and Kopech but at the last minute he got scared of Lamet's elbow. Looking at the league I was thinking of offering Lamet for Gilbert and the #1 pick (Torkelson)... would that be a fair offer? Too much? Too little? I could throw in the #16 pick in the draft... thoug
  8. I personally like Edman overall better. I think he'll give you a higher average and 20/20 possibilities. Don't take last year too much into account with him. The Cardinals more than probably any other team last year had the craziest schedule with Covid. So his GB rate going up could have just been a product of playing so many games in a short period of time. Riley could pop out 25+ HR's but I don't think he offers much more and if Edman is going to come cheaper all the better for you
  9. Me personally I'd stay where you are. I don't think Merrifield moves the needle enough for me over the guys you already have available to keep to drop back that far in the draft
  10. I ended up trading Myers for Witt Jr and Josiah Gray... good deal?
  11. I went Robert and was able to grab Harper and Judge on the way back. Some other team that wasn't part of the draft streamed in and traded for the pick right before me and took Realmuto instead of Judge or Harper because they needed a catcher. I then ended up trading Judge and a first round MiLB pick that someone else had traded me along with a pick in the dispersal draft for Kelenic
  12. I just finished my dispersal draft in my 16 team dynasty. Can I tell you how much I hate slow drafts? 56 rounds... 3 picks per round. 2 1/2 days. The draft was between 3 teams and after the couple of heavy hitters at the top of the draft it was pretty slim pickings. All 3 teams that opened up were in the bottom half of the league so I figured my best bet was go young and build for the future and look to compete later. My first 3 picks were Robert, Harper and Judge and I was able to turn Judge into Kelenic. My thoughts now are to deal guys like Myers, Gregorious, Turner etc... older guys that
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