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  1. Drop Collins for Nance in a pts league? I'm 1st place so just looking for playoffs potential.
  2. Hard to say. Tyreke's production will probably change once traded and Lauri is a little bit inconsistent in comparison to Tyreke. It's a pretty even trade ROS so it comes down to which positions you need.
  3. Title. I'm making it to the playoffs and I think Fox will have better ROS production but I'm not sure. My only other droppable guy is John Collins but I'm not sure if I should do that. Also, no penalty for missed FG. Thoughts?
  4. Title. Should I do this? Or anyone else from my team (see signature)? I'm 1st in my league so I'm looking for ROS upside rather than short-term. Thanks!
  5. To anyone on a weekly format, are you benching him or no?
  6. Take a look at my team on my signature. I don't think there's anybody else worth dropping.
  7. Title. Are we expecting tonight's sort of production ROS from Lauri? Collins is useless to me until they give him around 30 minutes per night. Would you guys do this? Thanks!
  8. With the return of Griffin and DLo, is Whiteside a good target? Griffin was eating into Jordan's rebounds and Jordan was starting to do nothing offensively. I'm just not sure whether or not Whiteside will be getting enough minutes this season given that he gets constantly injured.
  9. Would you guys say he's a sell-high candidate while Griffin's out? With Griffin, he was underperforming and losing usage (although not every night). And in the event he gets traded to the Cavs, his usage would still be low with so many high usage players in that team.
  10. Hi guys, Someone dropped Lauri yesterday and I was wondering if he's a better ROS asset for a Points league. I know Collins produces more fpts per minute but I don't think he'll get past the 25 minute mark whenever Dedmon comes back. Given Markkanen's game today and his ROS potential, would you drop Collins for him? Thanks!
  11. Hello, My current team is in my signature. Should I drop any of them for Jonathan Simmons or Jamal Murray? I think not, but let me know if I'm wrong. Keep in mind this is a points league so I'm only concerned about overall production. FG% doesn't matter.
  12. Hi everyone, I think I have a shot at trading for one of these two guys. In my points league, stocks are 1 point each, so something to keep in mind. Horford is averaging 30 fpts while Green is averaging 28.9. Green also has less total fpts because of less games played. Is Horford better than green ROS? I think he won't be rested during critical fantasy games as opposed to green. But Green has SF eligibility which Horford does not. Thoughts?
  13. Hope he gets traded before Griffin comes back. Griffin eats his rebounds for breakfast.
  14. Will his usage go down with Jokic back? Thinking of trading him + someone like Dinwiddie for Horford.
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