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  1. I agree with gabelife... And I'd go as far as saying that the trade shouldn't have been veto'd in the first place unless it's clear there's collusion
  2. FT and Assists or FG and Blocks, depends what ya need. If i'm high in the ranks i'd probably go with Rubio cause he's more consistent otherwise i'd take Adams cause I think he's got a slightly higher ceiling
  3. Tough one, i'd say it's real close. I think if it were me I would hold until I know exactly when Towns is coming back before making a decision. But if he is back within the next week or so i'd probably to do it
  4. His Chris Paul and Marc Gasol for my De'Aron Fox and Jaylen Brown thoughts?
  5. Contrary to the rest of the people in here I would say pick him up it's a no-brainer
  6. I bet he was trying to **** out the drugs but then slipped and sprained his ankle. ******** Ayton
  7. for real take holiday before he realizes his mistake
  8. I would definitely try to get more. I think you lose that trade but not by that much
  9. I like the reasoning for sure, but specifically with your roster youll probably win more weeks with Fultz/Conley as opposed to Turner. If people are trade-happy in your league and you think you'll be able to move Turner pretty quick go for it, otherwise you might get stuck with him for a while at which point you would have been better off keeping Fultz/Conley
  10. i'd say giannis + ja is still a lil better than Jokic and PG but that looks pretty fair to me. What positions are you and the other player in the rankings? It seems like a desperation move on his part so i'm guessing he's lower. If you're high enough in the standings that you can afford to be patient with Jokic i'd actually say go for it cause it'll boost your FT% dramatically and should help in more categories
  11. Honestly though the trade value is really good. I'm torn. I would say its a no-brainer to accept the trade but your team looks so weak at Center it might actually f--- you over. If you're using a yahoo league you can click evaluate to see how you're still ranked in each stat compared to the rest of the league to make sure you still have a nice advantage. I think the trade is so good you almost have to accept it lol
  12. Not grabbing TJ Warren, oof. I'd go Rui over Wagner, coach seems to trust him and he's been getting close to 40 mins per game with good shooting.
  13. Kawhi+Westbrook is a lot to give up. I'd ask for more in return but im not 100% familiar with points leagues
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