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  1. I would agree with you but for me its not Rose, it's the black hole that is Wiggins
  2. I wouldn't say he's been so bad as to be worthy of DND. If you put things into perspective, this season has been a lost cause for many players, just a really inconsistent and unordinary circumstances revolving around injuries, different roles and obviously a lost season W/L wise for the Magic. Personally gonna keep my eye on him over the summer to see if he improves his overall game at all, since his (somewhat limited) offensive skill set really hurt his production in what was supposed to be a breakout year. Still, close to 18/8/2/1/1 with 2+ 3PMG isn't too bad. Despite his putrid shooting the
  3. As long as Oladipo is there, I'm not touching him until its Round 5 at the earliest, which I doubt since in most leagues there's always that one owner who's willing to gamble. Sorry, 2-4 is too high for him when there are better options
  4. Basically fell off ever since the week that THJ was out + Zinger got injured; seems like he was just a temporary usage beast for that small stretch of 2-3g and went back to being a 3rd/4th option again
  5. Some bumps and some bruises, I think the man deserves a pass once in a while with anomaly games 3 steals and passable FG for a bad game I’ll take it
  6. Never thought I’d see the day all 3 of the Suns Centers would foul out in 1 game lmfao (Bender 6, Chriss 6, Len 4)
  7. 95% at the charity stripe this season on an average of 4+ attempts per game. If i only only my team had this FT anchoring since November... smh
  8. Hoiberg said in an interview he's sitting tonight, playing tomorrow.
  9. Lol so let me get this straight: even with all the things going his way.... this is always basically the best he gets. Just a hair under logging 24 minutes, even when sidelined with Tyson + DAJ matchup + Bender/Chriss playing bad AND Len was active on the stat sheet tonight but Triano still cant give him over 25-29 mins per as a starter
  10. Still handcuffing (AG owner) thank goodness & still on the Super Mario train
  11. Summary of this season & (a good 75%) of these posts on this thread:
  12. Jinglinnnnn' Joeeeeeee ~ gotta show some love mans been making it splash lately and back to his swiping ways
  13. Triano still makes them part of the rotation regardless..... when they could still be warming the bench and learning fundamentals so that's aside the point since those minutes could've been allocated to him if Len was any better. Also, I didn't mention everything in my first post, there's still the nagging issues that forces Triano to not give him heavy minutes anyways to begin with. Then if that's all handy dandy, that's all assuming Len doesn't foul his way back to the bench either (he's been pretty good in limited PT on most situations this season I'll give him that) and when you compile th
  14. People are totally forgetting Bender and Chriss altogether.... it's still an annoying situation based on matchups and who Triano likes playing. First, it was Len to begin with and now it looks like Chriss is looking more favorably since he somewhat corrected his foul trouble problem.
  15. disagree. he's been bad when the Clippers were still figuring out the offense.... hell him being "bad" was back before the Clips even knew what they had with Lou and his slow start was even more hampered by nagging injuries since we didn't even know he had a damn torn glute until way later sometime. Also, back in December, he drops 25 pts on 7/7 FT shooting the second game back from his 1st injury (hip related iirc) + remember they were also missing Teo and PatBev was still in the mix too I think Things have changed quite a bit but his role in this Clippers offense was never in dou
  16. Good to know he's making up for lost time. What a dunce..... extremely frustrating
  17. For some reason, I'm seeing conflicting reports about him having minutes restrictions while another different reporter is saying that he's having no minutes restrictions... probably would have to guess it's the first but we'll have to just see
  18. The increase in TO's and rough shooting has been attributed to him getting scouted & gameplanned on now; teams aren't sending their bench players to guard him anymore. Jazz announcers talked about during the game, he's getting the attention of every team's best perimeter defender: tonight -- Avery Bradley. Last night -- Kent Bazemore and you can sure as hell bet that's gonna continue. Luckily for us, Donovan is also one of the most promising and polished young guards we have in the league. Just a testament to how great he's been during this entire stretch
  19. Well, I didn't mean that DSJ would ruin Seth's value per se, but with how well DSJ's been playing as of late, just seems like another incentive for Carlisle to play musical chairs with all of his off-guards not named Dennis Smith Jr heading into the 2nd half of the season, depending on who has the hot hand that night though I'm sure Carlisle will still find minutes for Curry, maybe the injury scares and depending on how rusty he looks puts Carlisle in a bind to yank around his minutes early on, adding onto the annoyance. I don't know, alot of hypotheticals scenarios from my end but it looks bl
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