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  1. Mahomes will be, id like to get kyler or herbert this year
  2. If only theyd throw him passes, i bet one of these seasons they give like 50 receptions
  3. I liked what i saw of d mont the last few weeks of the year, samien williams doesnt scare me, williams showed last year he doesnt have the love for the game by opting out on a superbowl contending team. Hes just riding his time and getting whatever paycheck he can at this point
  4. That incident solidified robby andersons career,
  5. I was pleasantly content with having him on one of my rosters. His only issue last tear was the covid, hopefully this guy is first in line for the vacc. If covid was a moth, this dude was a porchlight for them
  6. Officially off this wagon, hes burned people more times than not, had this guy in my fantasy playoff elimination challenge, absolutely worthless. one of those if you start him you get a goose egg, but goes off when you bench him
  7. I dont think he really has an issue with the Texans. It sounds like he was fabricating a motive to get out of town that sounded believable because he knew this would become a problem sooner than later.
  8. This thread makes my head hurt, i need a massage
  9. I only got a little bit into that, the vid made my back hurt
  10. Not paying retail for this dude 2021, was a fun free 2020 penny fou d on the ground, thats it
  11. He was a league winner in the 2020 playoff elimination fantasy challenge this year
  12. Agree with your statement, but he has a huge bank account, if it was an average bad john, non story
  13. Am green will be the bust of the year book it
  14. My strategy, get Kielce at the right price or throw darts at the end of draft
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