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  1. Anyone in Diamond? Interesting take on introducing ELO into fantasy. It’s obviously been quite popular in sports (538, etc). Thoughts?
  2. no discussion about him? he’s been mostly really bad this season, I play in H2H but I can only imagine him in rotos. Any expectations that he’ll up in efficiency post ASB? I’m a stats guy and his negative net rating is probably a really bad sign. His shooting woes and his bad defense is not a good mix... There are several things I’ve noticed though with Dragic... He posts better numbers (and minutes/usage) with Whiteside on the floor. Whenever Dragic had a good game, J-Rich doesn’t go completely bonkers. When J-Rich goes bonkers, Dragic is usually playing li
  3. Considering trading Lillard for him for Steals. But the more I look at his stats, the more I realize it’s foolish to expect the same level of efficiency he’s shown so far. Career highs by large margins across the board in efficiency aside from FTs. I could see him hit closer to 80% from the line which could keep him afloat in the first round, but probably going regress to career norms to some degree, espescially from deep. That being said, the trade could still be worth it for me, cause I really care more about the elite steals. 3/3/3 is pretty bad though...
  4. It's a guessing game, need more information tomorrow from reports.
  5. man... atleast it’s not the worst... looked like he was clipped, and Javale’s elbow was moving in an upwards motion. The shaking hand thing looked scary but he walked off the court by himself, hopefully nothing lingers, but this could be bad news for any playoff hopes that they might have had. Imo, with the ASB incoming/possibly overlapping with his time off the court, it could be not that bad.
  6. Well... from the looks of it, that is as bad as a ankle sprain gets... I don't like injuries, had them all year on my roster. (Curry, Blake, Batum, Gallo, etc...), but from the looks of this one he might be out for a really long time, maybe even for the season. Picked up Ish Smith, good luck guys
  7. considering how bad he is, only return you could get is from a bad trade (by opposing managers) or by holding him. I will probably just hold him for another month, and see where his minutes go.
  8. calling it now, unsustainable, and not that good. his D is a bit underrated maybe, but this guy is Jamal Murray’s long lost older brother. Happens to play for the same team, happens to also be a black hole on O like, Jamal Murray. Maybe he can hold some value? but more likely than not I expect Trey Lyles to hold very little ROS value. Maybe he can be streamable considering the injuries right now but man... this guy is bad.
  9. I know Gobert has been out, but I am merely replying to myself from 1 month ago.
  10. Ulnar Nerve Contusion, depending on the damage to the nerve surgery may be required in the worst case scenario. Usually no permament damage occurs to the nerve. In less severe scenarios where the nerve needs to grow back, 4-6 weeks of rest, but in most cases it can take anywhere to 2-3 days or a week. Recovery can be spontaneous (as with most nerve contusions).
  11. for the record though, for those of u that might be trying to ‘sell high’ he might not hold much value in a trade. i would rather hold to see if he pans out or not.
  12. on paper there are 30 ‘starting’ pgs in the league, some of them are 12 teamers, others are fringe/streamers. it’s hard to tell this early which he is. #1 he’s young, it’s hard to gauge his production with respect to his short career so far. #2, his minutes aren’t set in stone. he is getting minutes which is why we own him. but is he really a 28-30 minute starting pg in the league? he could be, but currently there’s like 10 1st/2nd year players getting fantasy meaningful minutes and that seems like a lot. In a perfect league all or most of the top 150 “should” be owned, but it neve
  13. Spurs have been bad the last week and a half, not atrocious, but definitely not good. Cha/Tor have been all over the place. I am just saying that Dunn is a great low end guy, and I hope he suceeds, but he’s putting up top 60ish value... There’s an influx of young rookie/second year players putting up top 70ish numbers in the past 2 weeks that it makes me skeptical about how sustainable it all is... I love Dunn’s statlines, but it seems a bit too good to be sustainable is all...
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