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  1. Breaks to the second and third metacarpals, located below the pointer and middle fingers, are easier to manage as they are anchored to the bones of the wrist and as a result are largely immobile. The nature of the break can effect recovery time as it influences eventual treatment options. If the broken pieces of the bone remain aligned, it is considered a non-displaced fracture. If the position of the bone shifts after the break, it is considered displaced and surgery is often needed to insure a proper union of the bone fragments.Recent examples of second metacarpal fractures, including Westbrook, Danny Green, and Nikola Vucevic. The average missed time for these injuries is 16 games. The recovery time for non-surgical cases is cut in half as these individuals missed an average of just eight games(being optimistic here). We won’t know the extent till he gets his CT scan later on today. Prayers up for the homie, hoping for a speedy recovery 🙏.

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