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  1. Yup most likely. It seemed like a Hayward-esque injury. I say act fast.
  2. Hes their best 3 point shooter, he will get a lot more looks
  3. Harden went to the locker room... hope it's nothing serious ?
  4. Kerr said the team doesn't have a firm return timetable, but he indicated that Thompson wouldn't be back until next weekend, at the earliest.
  5. With this and a likely chance they sit him out on the back to back this week, its looking like a tough hold, especially if you're neck and neck in the playoffs
  6. Over reactions lol. I guess it's easier just to jump to conclusions and state claims like they're facts than it is to spend 2 minutes doing research to see that he was in foul trouble all game. First of all, very small sample size. Milsap has only played in 2 games. He hadn't played with the team for 3 months prior to coming back against the Clippers. Second of all, Jokic shot 5 times in each of the last 2 games but he shot 7-8 free throws so the low number of shots isn't quite as low as it seems. Regardless, Jokic's value doesn't come from scoring a ton of points, and he's not our go-to numbe
  7. On the contrary. He may lose a couple touches but you'll see better offence run through the both of them. Their 2 man pick and roll was working very well before he went down. Millsap knows how to space the floor and create mismatches for easy Joker buckets. I don't see his return hurting the Jokers value much.
  8. Definitely been my favourite player this season. Won steals this week because of him. Thank you Olatheifo!
  9. I'm currently sitting in second place in my league. I took a huge hit when Boogie went down but I've pretty much secured a playoff spot. I have both D.J Augustin and Larry Nance Jr. on my WW. With them both benefiting from the trade deadline, who's worth having more? I know Orlando has a bad playoff schedule so im leaning more towards Nance Jr. I'm kinda unsure who I would drop but im thinking Thad Young if anyone. What do you guys think?
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