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  1. If you watch Magic games, the one limiting Fultz upside is the offensive system Clifford runs with the team. Everything is centered around Fournier and Vuc that it becomes borderline disgusting lol. If you put Fultz in a run and gun system I’m sure he would blossom.
  2. He read the comments from this forum after his first week of play. Shii i’d be gassed too 🤣
  3. Dropped. Im out. Adios. Rostering him and lonzo has been tough, but luckily I stashed Payton before he was cleared. What a waste of a pick.
  4. Younger and cheaper but will get them nowhere. Elfrid is a proven playmaker and I will really be surprised if he doesn’t get the nod over Frank and DSJ
  5. M Robinson and Payton are the real winners here.
  6. Im actually nervous about this guy. Hes playing really well, but the spurs are racking up the L’s. Pop need to figure it out soon because if they don’t turn that ship around, we might see LA become a synonym to load management.
  7. «Pushover Bulls team» «Clippers will tell you his real worth» «Next two games are easy matchups» Bro listen to yourself. You are making it sound like there are only 5 nba teams lol. Dude hasn’t played an NBA game for a year and is showing to hold his own. Nobody was saying he will be the WW pick up of the year, but he might help in 3s and pts with the right team if he keeps the fg straight.
  8. I am definitely encouraged with what Im seeing now, with Lillard back.
  9. Hes definitely a pick up on 20 team leagues now. Melos role really is perfect for him, stretch 4 with less iso with Lillard back. He still belongs in the league. So «Enough with the assumpions» 🤣
  10. I dont wanna play devils advocate but i can tell some of you are only looking at the boxscore. The shots are there, the mins are there and hes being used in a scoring role. Really seems like POR is all in for him and its really the best situation for a redemption. If you can hold Conley until now then you should be able to hold Melo for a couple weeks. 🤣
  11. Theyre not gonna cut his mins. Gentry will be fired the day he starts Ingram or Zion at the C
  12. If you guys watch Magic games, Fultz job in offense is to get past the half court, passes the ball to fournier on the wing and he goes to spot up in the corner. Fultz is barely running the pnr in their set offense. He gets most of his stats from fastbreaks or when given the ball late on the shot clock to drive and kick. While DJ... is getting tons of pnr action which is really frustrating to watch if you own Fultz.
  13. AC forum but depends on ur needs. Fultz for Fg, stls, ast and garland for 3s, ast
  14. Dropped Dwight to pick him up. Hes supposed to be limited but somehow played more mins than Jah. Roll the dice
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