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  1. Just traded my WCJ for Ariza. Hope this doesnt come back to bite me in the a**.
  2. But it's not a net negative... In order for it to be a net negative, your chances would also have to decrease 4x, meaning literally 4x as many people would have to enter? I.e. winnings increase 4x but number of entrants maybe doubles? You're still 2x ahead... I get what you're saying, youd rather 10% chance of winning $100 than a 1% chance of $1,000. But in fantasy, and economics or even lotto, it's a numbers game. Risk vs return. Given noone in their right mind would be drafting fultz at the top end of the draft (where youd be targeting the 10% of $100 type players),
  3. Yes. The difference is 400 million dollars. i.e the difference alone is 4x as much as what you would originally potentially stand to win? WTF?
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