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  1. NFL will have to be kidding if they are going to force Baltimore to play with no practice at all and a skeleton crew. The snow storm will be the excuse to not play at all
  2. what are we expecting from Mckissic today?
  3. what do you guys think done for the season? if you where lucky enough to secure Gio i guess you can finally cut him loose and make room for someone off the waivers. wish we knew what the injury was so we could have an idea if he's actually done for the season
  4. Wow! definitely a let down and he wasn't placed on IR to begin with smh Fire 🔥 Bernard back up I guess for the rest of the season
  5. he should be controlling his health then!
  6. same thoughts at first I didn't see the TD run and thought my fantasy app was glitching seeing his points jump way up 🤣 but dam he really came through for us kinda hard to bench him going forward unless you have way better options.
  7. over reactions for a game that had really bad weather and we all fully expected it to be a low passing volume game especially with Chubb back. this team is going back to their old formula run all day. I'm keeping Hooper but playing him based of match-ups and weather
  8. I am due to bye weeks hoping for targets for DJ and some deep plays for Claypool. I think Burrow will be able to put up points and make it competitive hopefully we don't have a game like last week. Juju can also steal the spotlight and wouldn't be surprised if Washington steals another TD pass
  9. Jets purposely had 12 man on the field to lose the game and maintain the #1 draft pick!
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