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  1. I dunno... Do you think Dante Pettis will be available?
  2. Get the best, youngest players you can.
  3. I don't usually do snake drafts, but I only had a short time to draft tonight, so I relented. I think maybe I nailed the Dream Draft in the process. 10 Team PPR Best-Ball League. I was sitting there with the #2 overall pick, all ready to take Zeke, and then the #1 pick didn't show up and autodrafted David Johnson. Merry Christmas to me! QB: Andrew Luck (9) 11.2, Derek Carr (7) 13.2, Ryan Tannehill (11) 20.9 RB: Todd Gurley (12) 1.2, Jay Ajayi (9) 4.9, Marshawn Lynch (7) 8.9, Marlon Mack (9) 9.2, Ty Montgomery (7) 14.9 WR: Mike Evans (5) 2.9, L
  4. Except for Watkins having 3 times as many TDs.
  5. That's probly why you listened for once.
  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What are you, Tyrod's cousin or something? Spin it all you like, Benjamin was a strong WR2 in Carolina and waiver wire fodder in Buffalo. Based on his numbers through 6 games, Benjamin would have posted 43 receptions for 579 yards and 3 TDs through a full 16 games.
  7. See? Good things happen when you listen to Axe Elf. San Francisco will be the surprise this season. Not as elite as the Jags, but start-worthy in most leagues.
  8. There's another WR who fell victim to Tyrod Taylor the Toadmaker. Benjamin was a 70-catch, 1000-yard, 8-TD WR for two full seasons in Carolina; when he came to Buffalo, he caught 16 balls for 217 yards and 1 TD in six games.
  9. If I have to walk you through it, the point is that Taylor is a backup-caliber passer--that's why the Bills ran so much.
  10. Now ask yourself, do teams employ a run-first, throw-less offense when they have a HOF-caliber QB, or when they are trying to hide one who has back-up caliber passing skills? What DO they teach in these schools...?
  11. You axed who Tyrod was throwing to; if Watkins was hurt, it wasn't him. Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin were not on fantasy rosters until they escaped Taylor's offense.
  12. In which he had more TDs (8) than any season of his career, barring the year in which he had 9 in Tyrod's first season as a starter.
  13. Guys who became fantasy assets once they were on different teams.
  14. I dunno about top 15, but I do know that Edgerrin James, Jamaal Charles and Le'Veon Bell have done pretty well in his schemes.
  15. Hoyer and Taylor have similar QB ratings (approximately 90-100) for the better years of their respective careers, and we already know what Taylor did for Woods and Goodwin. I wouldn't be so quick to anoint Taylor as the best QB Gordon has ever had.
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