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  1. I wouldn't get your hopes up for a next week return.
  2. Locker room says right ankle sprain. Hopefully short term
  3. He just got helped off the court. Looked like he fell on his right knee. Didn't look good..
  4. Birch has a better outlook after next week and produces a little more. I'll most likely be dropping Stew to stream in 2 weeks on his 3 game schedule as an owner of both.
  5. Moses is more of a sure thing. And he has 5 games week 18
  6. POs for me start week 18 (2 weeks) so I'm wondering if I should tank these next two to get a favorable position. Both teams are fighting for the last PO spot. Team 1 is in 6th, team 2 is in 7th with team 2 being 3 games back. I'm more scared of team 2 since he has Luka potentially for 5 games, while I'll only have Kawhi, Randle, LeVert for 3 games. KD has 4 games but I doubt he plays all of them. (My team in sig) Thoughts? Team 1 Team 2
  7. Sure-fire hold for those with POs that start in 2 weeks
  8. Honestly even having not played fantasy in a couple years I was surprised at how highly Whiteside was touted. There was no way I thought he would've produced like he did in POR with that crowded frontcourt in SAC.
  9. What a joke of a ******** season and what a joke of an NBA product
  10. Clippers have a 4-3-3 schedule and 3-3-3, 3-3-4 for weeks 16/17/18. Unless you have Kawhi or PG I would advise against it.
  11. Not to mention high fg% and 100% ft in 6 games...
  12. If you're looking for pts and 3s Duncan, Love, Will, BroLo and Green are the obvious front runners. If you're in a position to hold Nurk, I would. He's got more upside than any of the bigs you'll find on the wire and can also hit 3s. Just need to be patient IMO. It's not like LMA's an iron man either. Moses is for sure a drop though if you're looking to stream.
  13. Not sure if I like the deal tbh. Dame is the best player out of all but I think depth is more important in this injury-prone/Covid era. Unless you're killing it and could use another streamer spot I would hold, but I could see it going either way.
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