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  1. Thanks! Based on your 2nd comment, the move would make sense. Also, keepers aside, the Beal side looks like the better haul. Getting Lowry and Dejounte makes plenty of sense. Lowry can rack the assists while Dejounte can get close to 10 boards a game (maybe, more assists to boot)
  2. It's close, but I'd take Boucher Given your build, I think you're decent on blks, so just keep it like that. https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/840560-drummond-for-mpj-and-josh-rich-whir/
  3. Get Big Mitch Higher upside + Blks potential Scoring + 3 are easy off the wire
  4. Keep Dame Still the best player in the deal Jamal is hot at the moment, not sure if he keeps it up. Fred is great, but I'd still take Lillard over him.
  5. Keldon - Locked for more minutes - Defined role (Pop loves him) - Pool's value is dependent on Curry
  6. 14-Team, H2H, 9-Cat Sending: Drummond Receiving: MPJ & Josh Richardson *Drummond is stuck in IR+
  7. seems like Payton has the lionshare of minutes + new coach. will try to trade or stick with him til the wheels fall off. thanks, everyone!
  8. If you're up in the standings, I'd still drop House to stash Bryant. Otherwise, stream House's spot!
  9. Goran Dragic or Elfrid Payton? Who is your bet?
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