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  1. bringing back the Jamaal Charles vs Oakland 2013 fantasy playoff vibes
  2. Just about 6 days too late on this one Alvin. But thanks for helping me win 3rd place
  3. Lol would’ve been a Davis TD too 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. no I don’t believe so. Rhule getting cute in prime time trying to show what an innovative coach he is...
  5. How many failed runs and dropped passes by Samuel is it going to take for them to involve Davis? Over under? 10 more?
  6. Teddy... “let me look at this surface tablet and see what went wrong on that play. Looks like maybe we should have tried to use a running back at the goal line instead of my frail a**”
  7. That’s what you get for trying to be cute and not running it with Davis you $&;&/@4$3!:&/&2@:$.!:
  8. For sure. With that source you posted I’m immediately convinced to put him back in my starting lineup.
  9. Jeez Gruden you think it might be beneficial to use your best RB in the passing game once in a while? It’s only been 14 games without it so far...
  10. I am so tired of watching Jacob’s get stuffed at the goal line all year long.
  11. When you bench Henry for Tonyan in the semifinals and Henry blows up for 20 pts.
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