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  1. if you aren't aware of his shooting ability, then you simply didn't watch him at ucla....he's also low key athletic. he absolutely has a lot of work to do, but it's mainly in his head right now. ingram hasn't made it quite yet, but its not hard to see that he's on his way and is lightyears ahead of where he was last year.
  2. naah...he can shoot- off the dribble, pull-up, step-back catch-n-shoot, long range, mid range, floaters, can get to the basket. we already know about his court vision and ability to create for others. great rebounder at his position...not the best defender moving his feet, but collects a lot of weakside steals/blocks, gets his hands in passing lanes with his length. he's lacking the pep in his step though...his confidence is simply not there, and you can tell by the way he moves. this is brandon ingram all over again.
  3. would help if you watched the games and not just the box scores.....but even the box score will show you he fouled out.
  4. remember last year people were contemplating if he had undisclosed mental issues? iirc, no real info ever came out regarding that "head injury" that had him out for months. duno what happened here, but it doesn't sound good.
  5. isnt it obvious? lebron was the primary superstar in the nba when zo was growing up .. zo is also a pass first player ala lebron. it only makes sense.
  6. im actually a big lonzo fan, i'm simply giving constructive criticism. don't know what any of this has to do with "post count"
  7. no...that's not why. i take it you didn't watch last nights game. his passiveness was next level. looked like he was literally scared.
  8. lonzo can shoot, he proved that already, funky release or not....but i wasn't even talking about shooting, i was referring to the fact that he needs to be the one to control the flow of the game and make things happen. not take 1 dribble and get rid of the ball like you're looking for someone else to be the alpha.
  9. magic was pass first but he still had killer instinct .. you can control the game without shooting. lonzo simply hasn't been doing that the past couple games. he was literally treating the ball like a hot potato.
  10. i agree he can use more muscle .. but his finesse game is on point tho
  11. i actually like ingram in iso situations .. especially on slower defenders, he is really good at using his length to manuver around the defense.
  12. so hes only played 7 games and were going to remove the best one .. lol that's pretty funny
  13. Its an 11 man roster league, so the wire is pretty stacked .. robin lopez is still available for instance.. but if tj warren is guna be a primary offensive option then he could easily be a 20+ ppg player ros
  14. dropped kanter for him in my 10-team league .. let's get it
  15. kuzma is more nba ready.. that's the difference when you play 4 years of college as opposed to just 1
  16. it's his lack of assertiveness right now .. there's really no way to say he sucka right now, because he's not even putting himself in positions where we can critique his play. he was literally passing the ball as soon as he touched it.. mighta taken 3 dribbles the entire game and even less shot attempts. but he's way too talented to play like that..we already seen what he can do when he takes charge. i just think he's not comfortable doing that yet..sorta like ingram last year. i have a sneaking suspicion that part of his lack of killer instinct comes from him being a huge lebron f
  17. this was a great game, hope he continues to build on this .. most importantly, he probably gained luke's trust more, because he was playin pretty weak the last few games
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