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  1. Moses put two good games in a row together. If he keeps it up, he may yet become playable in 9-cat. If he progresses, who knows maybe he makes a big impact down the stretch. Bradley isn't going to get the look he needs to put up numbers, but yet he's still a good-to-decent bet to outperform Moses ROS in 9-cat. This has been a great thread. God speed.
  2. Eh, not so much dude. They are still comparable, and if you were to compare them over most date ranges in 9-cat it's just factually true that Tony Bradley is the better player. You are wrong, maybe you don't know it, but you are. Sorry.
  3. Another interesting Bradley/Moses debate angle that crossed my mind. Why do we call Toney Bradley by his last name and Moses Brown by his first?
  4. Why would you say something that is empirically false in 9-cat? I just randomly picked since the beginning of April and Bradley is ranked 154 and Moses is ranked 210. My point, anyway, was that given the same minutes on that team, Bradley is the better fantasy option. At this point, neither of them are. Bradley, because he's not getting the run. And Moses, because he's so inconsistent and his numbers end up averaging out quite poorly.
  5. I won't gloat. Didn't after the Sixers game. This is clearly a wait-and-see situation, if that. Bradley isn't playable right now, and Moses is too risky IMO right now. It's still pretty obvious that Bradley is the better option in both fantasy and real life but as others have pointed out it makes no difference if his minutes continue to be so inconsistent.
  6. That was my feeling as well, someone mentioned Masai may feel he can do better with a sign and trade over the summer. Separately, Lowry probably is fine with not playing a full load if they're not playing for something. Why would he want to risk injury when perhaps his last decent contract opportunity awaits?
  7. Oh yes, picked him up on 4/5 for $0. Nobody else bid on him.
  8. In TB's case the proof is there. He's gotten minuets and when he has, he produces. I will note that after the Sixers game the other day Josh Lloyd had Tony Bradley ranked in the 90's ROS. Not that he's always right, but I'm not alone. In my particular case, there wasn't a better opportunity. I'm in a 15 team deep, 9-cat league. I picked up Tony and still hold him, and who knows maybe something changes in OKC. Not a big deal if not. Moses was picked up by another manager before both the trade deadline and Horford getting shut down. Here is my squad by the way, 15 team,
  9. Hey, you're right: https://www.si.com/nba/76ers/news/sixers-tony-bradley-improving-shooting He considers himself a stretch-5. If he develops shooting range he really could be something.
  10. Well, I'm not sure why you say "he was supposed to add range to his game." Really, do you have a citation? But to address it, there are plenty of very good 5's that don't shoot from range - Gobert, Bam, Richaun, Capela, Time Lord etc... Tony does quite a lot well. Defensively, he uses his big body to stay in front of his man, slides his feet pretty well and tends to put a good challenge on any shot. He willingly and eagerly boxes out his man when a shot goes up, times the ball well and squeezes the rock well with his soft hands. He seems to have good awareness if he needs to swit
  11. I'm so glad reading this thread has been fun for you, that's awesome! Who did you end up picking up? Are you winning your league?
  12. Listen man, Moses got the minutes. What can I say, Bradley didn't perform poorly he simply barely played. l'm not sure what basis you're using to state that Bradley isn't very talented. I guess just looking at box scores? And it's true, Moses had a nice game. l'm happy for him if he can develop.
  13. When Bradley gets the minutes he's a top 100 player in 9-cat. When Moses gets the minutes he's not even a top 150 player in 9-cat. Bradley has significantly more fantasy (and real basketball) upside than Moses. All three of those things are true. Unfortunately, it's also true that Moses is getting the minutes.
  14. Right now my theory is that Moses must have worked really hard all year, took the coaching well, and in Daigneault's eye's then he deserves the reward. Good for him. I'm going to watch the Utah game tonight to see how both of them fare when they're on the court with Gobert. Hopefully, they both get some time against him.
  15. I agree, they sat Siakam over the weekend in the middle of a playoff push for no reason. Super pumped to have picked up Flynn for $0 waiver (out of waiver money) when my competition paid for Sato and Melton after Flynn's first breakout game. I have both Lowry and Flynn. Feeling good about getting a full slate of PG ROS between them.
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