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  1. It's ridiculous that a site as popular as yahoo still doesn't have Wright having PG eligibility.
  2. I think XT I will do well handling Kanter's flat-footed, fundamental offensive game. I would imagine he'd struggle more with quicker players with superior athleticism. Time will tell.
  3. I'd rather have JV rostered over XT at this point too. But XT played down the stretch in both the first and second halves in the Sixers game. Then, he gets the start and the lion's share of the minutes over Dieng in the Phoenix game. Foul trouble for JV doesn't make complete sense IRT the Sixers game. Maybe it's nothing and JV continues to see his minutes. I'm not sold on that.
  4. I just don't understand the notion that JV is such a barrier to playing time. JV is a much better player in fantasy than IRL IMO. Look at his career playing time. His minutes diminished over time in Toronto and I can easily see the same thing happening in Memphis. Someone said BUT, BUT they brought in Ibaka etc... yeah they did. They wouldn't bring in players to take his minutes if he was a guy they greatly valued. His salary on Memphis isn't an issue. Memphis is trying to build a winning culture and they'll give the most minutes to those that help them get there. In my view JV isn
  5. Can JV match up with Chris Paul at the top of the key and pick him?
  6. I'm just messing around with you stats guy. My point is that Tillman is an intriguing deep league pickup because his game is fantasy friendly there is a chance he could see 20+ minutes a game as he's competing for time with JV (who is not a key part of this young team's future) and Dieng (who he seems to have already supplanted). If that happens he could easily be a top 100 9-cat guy with his very diverse lines so far.
  7. 1. Tillman's entire career consists of n=7 games. No stats guy would make decisions based on that. (and if they did XT's lookin good!) 2. Tillman is not really competing for minutes with BC. He's competing for minutes with JV and Dieng.
  8. Also, check out the form on that catch-and-shoot corner 3. Shooting coaches can work with that!
  9. Would Memphis really have better size with JJJ and BC over Tillman and JJJ? Seems the opposite.
  10. Super solid in deep leagues. His minutes are very safe unless competition comes in via a trade. Rose's minutes are capped and they don't have anyone else to run point except Frank Jackson. Will Yahoo give him PG eligibility. Me thinks yes!
  11. JV was down to 18 minutes a night before he was shipped out of Toronto, and then the Raps went on to win a championship. I'm not going to make too much of that, but those acting like JV is standing in anyone's way is laughable. You're right, if XT is the real deal he's in a great place.
  12. We may not be there yet, but if we are I'd hate to have slept on picking him up in my deep league.
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