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  1. Very good start last night 6IP, 4H, 0ER, 1BB, 7K
  2. Guys, remember it's only been 7 games into the season.. IMO, Brinson will not be up anytime soon.. He needs more seasoning in the minors.. he has been fantastic the last year but is still raw in some areas.. I for one, hope they leave him down for a while so he can keep improving.. No reason to rush the kid right now. In reference to the post above me, if anyone is replacing Desmond it'll be Mazara.. Once Choo comes back that may be the case, if Brinson comes up he's going to be in CF.
  3. I have a feeling he isn't going to be in class A-ball for too long.. I'm predicting he's in A+ by the middle of May, maybe sooner..
  4. Worked perfect on my apple TV last night..
  5. http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20160329&content_id=168665928&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb&sid=milb
  6. http://www.myajc.com/news/sports/baseball/braves-free-agent-target-maitan-compared-to-chippe/nqL3W/ Again, if a buscone goes back on his handshake, he will be blackballed going forward. This has been the norm for as long as this international set up has been in effect. It is his best interest to do whatever he needs to make sure his player signs according to the agreement. There are plenty of really good writers on this subject. BA, Kiley(fangraphs), Law. DOB is not informed on this topic. This flip flopping you keep insisting happens, doesnt.... Flip flopping doesn't happen..? Since y
  7. Here's another quote from Klaw.. So no, a handshake agreement is not a for sure deal..
  8. and yet we knew Vlad Jr was going to be a blue jay more than a year ahead of time. The same could've been said for Eddy Martinez, no? Then at the last minute he switched to the cubs..
  9. The comparison that really stood out was to a young Pedro Martinez. Okay kid, no pressure with that, right? But seriously how does a 17-year old deal with this type of expectation? Urias is going through the same thing. Dude is a teenager and all of a sudden all this comes down on him. Then he has to deal with all the hangers-on and leeches etc who like to latch on to young players. Put another way, what were all of us doing at age 17? Dealing with this type of pressure? It definitely takes a different breed of kid to deal with that type of hype at such a young age.. Very few are able
  10. From Baseball Prospectus Blue Jays Top 10 that came out yesterday..
  11. Amir ranked as the #8th LHP in MiLB by the MLB 2016 Prospect watch.. A small excerpt from Fake Teams as well..
  12. A prospect that has greatly improved his stock over the last year and starting to rise up prospect lists everywhere. Just recently ranked as the #7 1B in MiLB by MLB.com's 2016 prospect watch and has started popping up on numerous TB Rays' Top 10 prospect rankings. Normally a 1st baseman Bauers played in the corner outfield in the AFL and had some pretty good success in those spots. I wrote this before the fall league on Bauers.. Here's what MLB.com's take on him.. Baseball America ranks Bauers as the #4 propsect in the Rays org, and here's a little excerpt.. Not a very well kn
  13. I mean, it's possible if he absolutely destroys AA/AAA competition (IE: Carlos Correa) and forces a call-up. Defensively, he's ready for the bigs and scouts love his makeup that will help him stick for years to come. The bat is the only thing lagging behind and I think his time table will be strictly derived from that.
  14. I can't see this happening as the Phillies are not close to contending and there would be no reason to start his clock this soon. He could still use time in the minors to continue developing. The Phillies are completely rebuilding and I don't see them rushing any of their big prospects to the bigs anytime soon.
  15. With the Dodgers recent signings of Kazmir and Maeda, im not expexting a call-up until late in the year for bullpen help now. Before the signings i thought there was an extremely good chance that De Leon would get the first shot at a starting rotation gig out of Cotton, and Urias. The rotation looks like Kershaw, Kaz, Anderson, Maeda, Ryu.. With Ryu and Anderson having past injury troubles there could be a chance he gets up if one of them suffer a season ending injury. With the recent signigs of Kaz and Maeda, what does that say about their confidence in their young guys (De Leon, Cotton an
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