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  1. Hey guys, Currently in a 12 team, 9 cat head to head league and have been offered the following trade: My Embiid + Morant + Brogdon for his Beal Sabonis + Tobias Take it?
  2. To be honest, the fact that he is questionable is a good sign. I was expected to wake up seeing him out for extended period after his scans came back
  3. Hey guys, have been offered Lebron + Holmes for my Embiid + Oubre in a 12 team 9 cat league. thoughts on this trade? Anyone worried about Holmes’ production the last few games?
  4. Spot on. He would miss at least one game per week on average.
  5. Not expecting him to play tomorrow. Wouldnt think they would play him against the miserable wolves.
  6. They should threaten to send him back to the wizards
  7. Pretty sure keldon went off when white was playing. Small sample but I dare say it helps
  8. I remember struggling to decide who to draft at pick 60.. Hayward or Oubre? Easy.. Oubre F*** my life
  9. Kerr has him playing more with the 2nd unit and it is doing wonders for him
  10. He just flexed on shroder. I loved every bit of it
  11. New approach from Kerr to keep him on the floor to start the 2nd? I’m liking it!
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