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  1. Wentz feels like the safest option of the bunch but Goff has the upside if you need it GL!
  2. Wow that’s a good return for Carson. Traded Taylor and Lamb for Carson before Taylor’s fumble and I’m feeling great now. Gurley and DJ produce so I wouldn’t overpay for Carson. See if they’ll lower the asking price or ask for a throw in as well. GL!!
  3. I wouldn’t drop Koo. I’m actually placing a bid because he was just dropped in my 12 tm lg. As for K, see how it goes during the Morning games, if you fall behind pick up Sanders from MIA for the afternoon game. GL
  4. Chubb/Moss I actually like J.Will this week vs the Jags if Chubb is inactive tho. GL
  5. I prefer the reliability of Juju more than DJ. Juju still most targeted WR in the RZ and he’s tough as hell. To each his own I guess
  6. 12tm .5ppr dropped K to pick up Samuel as a flex with most of my RBs hurting. Plenty of K options for Sunday but noticed Y.Koo was dropped because of his bye. I’m a heavy favorite this week and was considering putting a bid on Koo for my ros K. Would drop the Rams D to pick up. But would still be w/o a K unless I drop someone else as well. Team is as follows; QB: Watson/Wentz(Wentz picked up as more of a keepaway from main competitor) RB: Mixon/Carson/Robinson/Montgomery/Moss WR: Adams/M.Thomas/Juju/Samuel/Lazard(IR spot)/Pittman TE: Goedert/Hurst K: None Def
  7. I’m gonna go with Mims. Check the weather for that Cleveland game. Check out mine
  8. Traded Woods and Claypool for Mike Thomas. 5-2 rn in 12tm .5ppr
  9. Williams and Golladay for sure. Coin flip for ARob vs DJ. Check out mine
  10. Goedert. They wouldn’t roll him out right before the bye if he wasn’t fully healthy. Check out mine
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