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  1. It's DJ Moore and OBJ. Moore has looked great and finally scored a TD. You can't bench him. OBJ has also had a pretty solid 5 for 50 or better type of floor. We all know what his ceiling could be. There are too many question marks around Sutton with Lock and with Thielen and the injury. Don't bench OBJ at this point in the season even if he has diappointed. He can break any one play for a long one. Help in return!
  2. Don't drop Penny this week. Wait and see what happens with him and Carson. Penny still has legit upside if SEA moves away from Carson because of fumble issues. If you have to drop one, drop McCoy. He's likely not cracking your starting lineup. If Penny became the lead dog in SEA, you could start him. Help in return!
  3. I like Drake in this spot. He's had 5 or 6 catches each of his last two games. He also had 10+ carries. Melvin seems to be getting closer to workhorse role and could take some of the catches away from Ekeler. Also, Drake's matchup seems a little more favorable. Start Drake! Help in return!
  4. This is a tough call. Did your matchup have any action on Thursday that might help make this decision? In a vacuum, I like Kirk more than Fuller. As you said, Kirk seems to be Kyler's top target. He also had that huge game just a couple weeks ago. I also worry about that Pats defense even if Hopkins might draw more coverage from Gilmore. It's a tough call, but I'd start Kirk. Help in return!
  5. Which of these three would you recommend? Coleman has the tough matchup at Baltimore. He has not performed well in recent weeks, which got him on a couple of "sit" lists in start or sit articles. Bennie Snell looks like he will be the main back for the Steelers at home vs. the Browns. Snell got 21 carries last week, which is great volume. However, I'm not sure that offense is any good. The last choice is Drake at home vs. the Rams. Drake has looked pretty good in his 3 games with the Cardinals. However, Edmonds is supposed to be back this week. Will he get the same volume he has in the last fe
  6. Fortunately, you have depth at the RB position, and you don't have to start DJ when or if you seem him return to his typical form. As of today, he might slide in 4th out of your 5 backs, ahead of Ekeler. I would love to see the Cards start to deploy DJ primarily as a WR while using Drake as the primary back, but I don't know if that will happen. Nice pick up. If he has a good game against the 49ers, which seems unlikely, you might be able to flip him based on name value.
  7. I actually like Allen better of these two. He's at home in a juicy matchup vs. ATL. The Panthers are a decent home favorite with a higher implied total than the Jags. Allen definitely has better weapons in CMC, Moore, and Samuel. You have the chance of a short pass going the distance to any of those three. I don't think Foles has that possibility. You will also get one of those awesome jump of the coach moments if you get a stack TD pass from Allen to CMC. Even if Foles has a great game in his first game back, you can say you had to wait one game to see it from him. I'd roll with Allen.
  8. This is a TOUGH call. I also lean towards ARob just because he's a bit more proven as his team's #1. He feels like both the safer floor and higher ceiling play, unless RoJo's ceiling could be to actually dominate that backfield, which we have not seen yet from Tampa. Overall, I think it's so close you could go either. If you knew for certain ARob would get the Ramsey shadow all game, I might lean Jones. Help in return please!
  9. Even with shift to Foles, I prefer Chark. Tyrell seems to be TD or bust, which he could do against CIN. It’s hard to bench Chark after everything he’s done. Help in return!
  10. Eliminate Ballage! He's terrible. I know fantasy is a volume game, but don't start him. Is there any news on Jordan Howard? It sounds like he's going to play. If Howard was ruled out, it's Sanders in a no brainer. Otherwise, decide between Sanders and Mostert. I kind of prefer Mostert knowing that Breida is likely out. The Niners have utilized Mostert when there's a RB out. I slightly prefer Mostert, but go with your gut or flip a coin to decide between Mostert and Sanders. Please help in return! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/788133-trade-sammy-watkins-for-ravens-d-whir/
  11. So it sounds like this is Thielen for Bell straight up and you would not keep Bell next year. Is that accurate? The main reason why this is a tough call is because of Thielen's keeper value to you next year at only $21. How confident do you feel in being able to find a replacement for Thielen next year through the draft, waivers, or trade? If you feel okay about that, then go for the win by trading for Leveon. I follow your logic about wanting Leveon for the stretch run this season. I like that you're being aggressive and going for the win. The one question I have is how will you feel if
  12. Am I crazy for preferring Kirk's ROS potential? I don't love Marvin Jones enough to make this trade. Kirk looked amazing last week. Kyler and Kirk seem to be building a true rapport. Is Kirk not the #1 in AZ? Jones is #2 to Golladay and his QB might be hurt. I like his upside so much more than Jones. Jones' best game is not as high as what Kirk did last week, unless Jones does something unheard of and has another 4 TD game. Do you also have to give up OJ Howard? I know you have Cook, but it looks like there's a small chance OJ Howard has a strong 2nd half after last week. I'd prefer to keep Ki
  13. Am I crazy for considering this simple one for one trade by giving up Sammy Watkins to acquire the Ravens D? Here's a bit more context. This is a standard scoring 10 team league that starts 3 WRs and a flex. I'm tied for 2nd place at 6-4. My current starting roster is below: QB: Mahomes RBs: Zeke, Jacobs, Coleman, Drake, McKissic WRs: Tyreek, Lockett, Chark, Marvin Jones, Watkins - must start 3 WRs TEs: Engram, Howard (off waiver wire) DST: Panthers and other streaming options for future weeks My opponent who is considering this trade also as the Pats
  14. Do I trade Kelvin Benjamin to get Matt Ryan? I just traded to get Benjamin; I gave Duke Johnson to get him. This is a standard scoring league. This is a tough one for me. Here's a bit of league and team context. Like many of us, I got hit hard with injuries when I lost my 1st and 3rd rounder in OBJ and ARod. Somehow, I'm still 5-1 and tied for first in a 10 person league. I need all the wins I can get to survive and make the playoffs. That means I need both WR and QB help. Which do I need more? Here's some of my team info. My WRs include Tyreek Hill, Kelvin Benjamin, D
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